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Here you will be able to listen to songs I've written, or recorded, or performed on, or enjoy listening to.  Neat, eh? 

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A song I wrote about eighteen months ago when someone I had a huge crush on started something with one of my other friends.  And as if to add insult to injury, my other two friends in our quite close-knit quintet also made moves towards each other, effectively making me the 'fifth wheel' of the group.  As it turned out, neither relationship happened, but it was cause to write a song about!  Needs bass...and vox....and mastering.... [LYRICS]



I made this short loop on my new Nintendo DSlite.  On my DS! How awesome is that?!  Thanks to a great homebrew app called 'NitroTracker'.  It's made using 3 drum samples and a few recordings of my own voice, and you'll need a tracker program OR Winamp to play the .xm file format.  Still...ON MY DS!! :D 



So basically we had to form a band for a friend's uni course, but due to our busy schedules and the slight technical ineptibility of the group when it came to recording, it fell through.  This version was recorded and mixed by Jay at Caerphilly Road Studios :).  Not great, but a good demo.  Needs vocals tho. [LYRICS]



This is a song inspired by an episode of the OC and what might have happened if things had gone differently.  Needs bass.  And vox. [LYRICS]



I recorded the drums for this song on my crappy kit with a 'Microsoft Windows' mic, hence the *studio quality* ;)   Gives a good idea tho.  A song about asking for help with old feelings. [LYRICS]



Got bored.  Had an Ebow.  Tried to recreate Barber's Adagio.  Nuff.
UPDATE: Turn your bass WAY down (or up, if you like things vibrating off your shelves, or the resonant frequency at which your ears bleed) 



My most epic piece yet?  Well it's in DADGAD and doesn't start for real till about 1:16 in, so... A song written on my 20th birthday postulating on what I'd like to be in another 20 years.  Needs vox and a rockin band setup. [LYRICS]



A song about the girl that was. [LYRICS]



So i was in the shower this one day and I was singing along to The Streets, when I sang the chorus lyrics slightly wrong and  realised I was sitting on a pastiche goldmine.  Then, like the loser i am, I decided to make it 'Christian'.  With hilarious consequences.  And so, a song about 2 Corinthians 6:14 - the dangers of being yoked with unbelievers and even more importantly, the dangers of judging others without getting to know them first.  w00t w000t!