Games for the brain

Ok so I know it's trite, but I've been playing a few pretty neat timewasters recently and I figured why not give them some mad props on this webby of mine.  Heck, what's next, a page dedicated to my favourite fonts?!

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Games for the brain

The Pearchive


 Attack Of The Killer Swarm!

Command a swarm of killer somethings and terrorise a busy downtown street in the 1920s.  Not at all bad for a game created in one day!


Be an amoebaic creature.  Eat stuff.  Grow.  Swim. 'nuff said (I sound so CvG Magaziney). 


Ever play Geometry Wars on Xbox LiveArcade?  Well this is basically a PC version.  Pretty vector graphics and fast paced gameplay.  Get it before M$ sue their asses over supposed 'intellectual property'.  Also a good site for other famous game knockoffs.


Plasma Pong

[Adopt deadpan American voiceover guy style]: "A new-fashioned twist on an old favourite!" Basically, it's Pong but with pretty colours and the ability to shoot 'plasma' around.


Rumble Box

Think Street Fighter SLASH Mortal Kombat with polygons.  You play as a guy reminiscent of the World Cup Italia 1990 guy  trying to beat up other World Cup Italia 1990 guys with a view to using their beaten bodies as a 'leg-up' to get out of the pit you're in.  It's fun! 


Ever wanted to be a l33t h4x0r but just didn't have the time to learn Unix or become a nocturnal hermit?  Well now you can.  Games like Hacker let skr1pt k1dd135 like me get their hacker fix without the added weight-gain required, not to mention the eventual jailtime.