Programs We Support

PEAK’s priorities are to support quality educational programs and enhance the classroom learning environment. One area of focus is technology, as both a vital component of student education today and as a powerful tool in supporting new and diverse pathways of learning. Our schools have great need for financial assistance in licensing educational software programs, building and maintaining hardware infrastructure and supporting technology-related teacher training.

PEAK works directly with the principals, staff and parent organizations at all five schools in planning and implementing programming. Our goal is to ensure that funds are utilized in a strategic and coordinated manner, for continuity among programs at each of our schools.

To Date We Have Helped Support
  • Math education software – allowing for more individualized learning support - (Valle Verde)

  • New computers for the science labs and classrooms (Foothill Middle, Bancroft, and Walnut Acres Elementary)

  • High school college and career counseling - (Northgate High)

  • Child Safety Awareness Programs (Walnut Acres)