How is PEAK Different from School Parent Teacher Organizations and Associations (PTO/PTA)

Unlike Parent Teacher Organizations and Associations that focus on individual schools, PEAK is a broader-based organization that takes a longer-term approach to ensuring that the schools our children attend, both today and tomorrow, have the resources to continue providing the enriching educational programs that make for a high-quality education.

We donate to the Walnut Creek Education Foundation (WCEF); doesn’t that support all the schools in Walnut Creek?

No, WCEF only supports roughly half of the twelve public K-12 schools located in Walnut Creek. The city has two main school districts, the Walnut Creek School District and the Mount Diablo School District. PEAK supports six schools that are part of the Mount Diablo School District (MDUSD), located in the city of Walnut Creek.

Why doesn’t PEAK support the entire Mount Diablo School District?

We believe our efforts can be most effective if focused at the local level. Businesses are more likely to give locally in support of the organizations important to their clientele.  Homeowners and parents want to see their contributions benefit the schools their children and neighbors attend. MDUSD is a very large and diverse school district. Different areas have different needs, different priorities, and may need to employ different strategies in supporting their local schools.  PEAK is a resource for other MDUSD communities interested in establishing their own education foundations.

How do you expect to raise money?

PEAK relies on generous contributions from the business community, individuals and families, as well as fundraisers, special events and grants. We hope that through our activities we can inspire partnerships between Walnut Creek public schools and area businesses for the enduring benefit of our entire community.