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Why Peak Exists

In recent years, severe cuts in government funding for public education have required action at the local level. PEAK was created to provide a vital, community-based funding source to help bridge the gap between the state money that schools receive and the money needed to sustain educational excellence.

More than 600 California communities have established education foundations to support their public schools. Our neighbors in Antioch, Berkeley, Dublin, Lafayette, Martinez, Moraga, Oakland, Orinda, and San Ramon all have well-established education foundations. Parents in some of these communities demonstrate a three-fold commitment to their local schools by paying parcel taxes, making PTA contributions to their individual schools, and donating to their local education foundations. In one neighboring community, the local education foundation, together with the parent-teacher organizations and local parcel taxes, provide 34% of their school district’s funding.

The Whole Community Benefits

School quality directly influences property values and the overall desirability of a community. Thus, every local resident and business has a stake in helping ensure that all the schools in Walnut Creek remain strong.