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On November 8th,  the voters in Peachtree Corners approved the charter and voted to incorporate the City of Peachtree Corners. The difference was fewer than 1000 votes. The Peachtree Corners Ballot Committee will now be presenting information on the candidates for the city council and helping keep voters informed on the activities of the new city government. Please join us on the sites above.
 On Nov 8, 2011 there will be a special election in Gwinnett County. There will be two items on the ballot: one will concern an extension of the SPLOST one cent sales tax for schools. The other will be whether or not to incorporate Peachtree Corners.
     In response to a recent failed attempt by the city of Norcross to annex Technology Park, the United Peachtree Corners Civic Assoc. (UPCCA- an umbrella group of local HOAs) has spearheaded an effort to incorporate Peachtree Corners by frightening local residents into believing they will be annexed into the city of Norcross with its higher tax rate (or one of the other nearby cities- Berkeley Lake, Duluth, Johns Creek and Dunwoody are frequently mentioned).
     The proposed "City of Peachtree Corners" would encompass nearly 34,000 residents in an area bounded by Duluth and Berkeley Lake to the north, Winters Chapel Road (Dekalb County line) to the south, the Chattahoochee River (Fulton County line) to the west and Buford Hwy to the east. It would become overnight the largest city in Gwinnett County ( View the map in the Resource Center). Despite the size of the new city, they propose to offer only three municipal services: zoning, code enforcement and trash service (to be billed separately as it is now). 
     In order to fund the new city, there will be a 1 mil property tax increase ( $120/ yr on a $300,000 home). There will also be a 1 mil increase in the ad valorem tax on your automobiles, motorcycles, RVs, boats, etc. Additionally, the city will collect franchise fees on utilities such as telephone, natural gas, cable tv and electricity. Some of these fees are already being paid on a county level and will be redirected to the new city. The franchise fee on electricity will increase nearly 2%.  The economic feasibility study ( go to the Resource Center to read it) commissioned by UPCCA, anticipates residents will pay approximately $30 per capita in franchise fees. A family of five, living in a $300,000 house and owning three relatively new cars could expect to pay an additional several hundred dollars per year in property taxes, ad valorem taxes and franchise fees. All this despite the fact that the proponents of cityhood have publicly and repeatedly stated there is no dissatisfaction with the level of service being provided by the county.
     Why would you want to pay several hundred dollars a year more for something you are already getting?
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