Howdy! Thanks for stopping by my website! I am a digital artist with a passion, based in the heart of Texas. On this website you can find my gallery in the Paintings and Drawings sections, links to which are provided below or on the side bar to the left. If you would like to order a portrait from me, check out the portraits section for details.


Art is a vital part of my life. It frees my heart and mind and takes the stress of everyday life away. I believe that artwork created with such free state of mind is also able to free the mind of the viewer , and that's why art is so precious. It also reminds us of things of higher values and of beauty of our world and human life. Finally, good art inspires an artist in every one of us and charges us with creativity for days, which we can apply in all aspects of our lives, from cooking to business planning. And creating an inspiring piece is truly a rewarding experience worthy of sacrifice.