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 Economic Understandings

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 Community Helpers (Kindergarten)

Community Resources (KF), Find the Community Helper (KF), Dress Firefighter Fran (KF), Time to Fight a Fire (KF), Match the Community Helper (KF),


Counting Coins Tutorial (KF), Discovering Coins Game(KF), The U.S. Mint for Kids, Magic Math Money Resources, The History of Money (Kidipede), Printable Money Pages for: Penny, Nickel, Dime,  Quarter, Dollar, Worksheets (Requires Free Sign-up) (KF), Money Match Printable Game, Design Your Own Bill (KF),

Managing Money

  Kids and Money Newsletters, Managing Money, Family Calculator, 4 Money Lessons for Kids (article),

Wants and Needs

Wants versus Needs, UNICEF wants and needs cards (PDF), UNICEF Wants and Needs GameNeeds and Wants, Wants and Needs Cards 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ; More Wants and Needs Cards, Wants and Needs Video (Teacher Tube), Needs & Wants Activity (Use with card links above.) 

Goods and Services

Goods and ServicesGoods and Services Matching ActivityGoods and Service Quiz4-H Virtual Farm, Virtual Tours: The Story of Milk



The World of Work

Specialization of Labor for Kids,







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