Books about Nonviolence


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Aileen recommends:

Michael N. Nagler, 2001.  Is There No Other Way?  The Search for a Nonviolent Future.


    Devin says: This is an excellent book to start a discussion about how non-violent tactics can be used to achieve peace and justice.  A must read.  Some important points;

       The most successful non-violent campaigns require training and discipline.

        Terrible situations such as military dictatorships require powerful non-violent campaigns for success.

        Even if non-violent campaigns fail to achieve their stated objectives, they have positive results.

        Even if violence achieves its stated goal, it has bad consequences.

        Non-violence can work even in the most awful circumstances, such as Nazi Germany.

        Meditation is an important component of non-violent training.

Aileen recommends: books by Thich Nhat Hahn, who writes about meditation and non-violence.