Peace Thinking

 Dedicated to discussion of how to achieve worldwide peace.

   Just before the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, millions of people around the world marched in protest.  The American administration ignored them and invaded anyway.  The people returned to their homes and fretted, perhaps to stand on street corners with protest signs.  But there is no unified movement.  There is no shared vision of what world peace would look like.

    What if all of those people joined an organization dedicated to outlawing war and setting up an international structure to achieve that?  Does such an organization already exist?  Do we need a new one?

    In Burma, a brutal military dictatorship has ruled for decades in spite of an overwhelming vote of the people for a democracy led by Aung San Suu Kyi.  Why hasn't the United Nations stepped in to remove the military and install the rightful government?  Because the Security Council has no authority to interfere in the internal affairs of a country.  Only the invasion of one country by another can trigger Security Council action.  Yet the majority of wars are internal to single countries.

    How could the United Nations be restructured to become a true peace-keeping organization?  How can the people of the world bring about those changes?

    It is all very well to call for outlawing war.  But how would that be enforced?  Should the United Nations have a large, standing military, with authority to act against invasions, military dictatorships, and rebel armies?  Isn't it a contradiction to outlaw war with war?  Who would decide when the military would act, and  what criteria would be used for that decision? How could we prevent such a world military from becoming a world-wide dictatorship?

   Gandhian satayagraha has always been a tactic for people's movements acting to change government behavior.  Can satyagraha be developed for governments to use as an alternative to military action?  Could the United Nations enforce peace with brigades of volunteers trained in strategic nonviolent action?

     We cannot have peace without justice.  Poverty,  starvation, disease, dirty or inadequate water,  ignorance, suppression of civil rights- in addition to  creating miserable lives, these kinds of problems foster warfare.  So do environmental degradation, loss of resources, and global warming.  What do we need to make the world habitable by all in a spirit of cooperation without warfare? 

    These kinds of questions are the subject of this website.  We want to know what we should aim for to achieve peace, and how we can then achieve our goal.  What organizations should we join?  What books should we read?  What websites and blogs should we visit?

    The structure of this website includes a series of topics, each with a page and a blog.  The most interesting blog entries and responses will be added to the topic page.

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