About Me

I received my training from toLabor, an organization whose philosophies can be found on their website:

My name is Jenny Stevens.  I'm a 46 year old homeschooling mama to five wonderful kids, ranging in ages from 18 down to six years old.  I'm married to a swell guy named Mark, and we love our life.

My interest in helping women as they labor and birth their babies, and in the time surrounding birth, grew from my own journey into motherhood. I had a medicalized, disempowering first birth with my oldest daughter, and knew instinctively that there had to be a better way to birth. I decided to try to find a midwife for my next birth, and quickly saw that working with her was going to be very different in a very good way. My midwife spent at least an hour with me at every appointment, helping to ready my head and heart for my births, and tending to me with loving care in every way. I became very well informed, and found my power and voice again with her guidance. I birthed my baby with her in the hospital, and then the subsequent births were mostly at home with her. 

The strength my midwife helped me to find through the information she imparted is something I hope every woman can find and experience. My non-medicalized births were so much more deeply satisfying and empowering than the medicalized first birth I endured.  My confidence levels grew with each birth, and I relished that as I stepped into mothering anew each time.  I long to help women find that strength, to believe in their body's ability to birth, and to feel safe, secure, and supported as they bring their babies into this world.