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Monthly Reflections

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Monthly Reflections by George Calleja

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 May 2019

'The YES entails a life of prayer'

     A life of prayer… is the foundation of all that is required to come to the point of saying ‘Yes’ to follow Him. It is important for a Christian to understand this: it is only through a life of prayer that one is able to have the courage, the faith, and the trust in God for whatever calling He has for you; to come to a point in life of proclaiming that ‘Yes’. I encourage all Christians, of whatever denomination or church they belong to, to practice more fervently their life of prayer.

   Prayer is a source that makes us strong in our faith. It helps us in our formation and to know God in a more personal way. There are different ways and means of how one can pray. Different Christians are well accustomed with traditional prayer… ‘Spontaneous Prayers’, ‘The Our Father’, ‘The Rosary’, ‘The Word of God’, ‘The Book of Common Prayer’, and many, many more. We can pray on our own, or together with our fellow Christians. It is not my intention here to teach you what to pray and how to pray… but my intention is to encourage you to do it daily, during every moment of your life. Even doing the daily house work at home could be a form of prayer… if you are doing it out of love for your family!

     It is a life of prayer that enriches our life, and that helps us to understand what God wants from us. Spending precious time with God through prayer is the best investment one can make in his life. It is prayer that equips us to be strong in our faith. It is a life of prayer that makes it possible for us to face the torments of life. It is through prayer that we grow in our spiritual life, and build a personal relationship with Jesus.

 ‘This monthly reflection is taken from my Christian Book ‘Yes... I Will Follow Him' - March 2015’

  April 2019

'Thanks Mum'

   The 21 March 2019, was the day when my mother departed to heaven and once again met with my dad. A sudden loss to her four children, but mum was spiritually ready for the journey.
   When mum departed, she had accomplished what God called her to be… a mother. Till the last moments of her life, through her faith, our 86 year old mum had loved and cared for her children in a true Christian way.
    Her only career in her life was of being a full time mother. When dad used to go for work, she would take care of us four children. She made many sacrifices for bringing us up, to educate us, to dress us up, to feed us, to clean the house and above all to bring us up in our Christian faith as Catholics.
   When she departed, mum made me think a lot about todays society. Some questions have been coming up to my mind, such as, are todays mothers ready to sacrifice their lives to bring up their children with morals and values of the Christian faith? Are todays mothers spending enough quality time with their children? Are todays mothers being at home with their children and treasuring the moments of being together as a family?
   I really hope and pray that todays mothers are living up to their role… of being mothers in a real Christian way. A real mother is to be another Mary in the family.
   Thanks mum… for being another Mary in our family.

'Thanks Mum'

 March 2019

'The Mission...'

Every Christian is called for a particular mission in life. A mission designed by God. A mission to bring peace between families, between countries, in the work places, within the church, and in every place where there is a human being. What is the mission each Christian is called to accomplish in life? The mission is to love.

Jesus died on the Cross because He loved every human being. His mission was accomplished upon His resurrection. His mission has been passed on to His disciples. Now this mission is entrusted to all Christians. Are you partaking in His mission… the mission to share the love of the Father?

As Christians we are to be another Jesus to society. We are to be with the poor, to help those in need, to give a good advice about how to live Christianity in todays’ society. We are to be the voice to all those wounded by injustice, to heal the pain caused by abortion, to pray with all those who suffer, to bring hope, to bring peace. This is just a drop in the ocean what the mission is all about. Any mission that God entrusted each Christian with, has its source in the Fathers Love.

 I am glad and happy for accepting the mission God has entrusted me with. I try my best to accomplish it every day of my life. Even in moments of doubts and difficulty, God always lifts me up to continue to follow Him and accomplish the mission entrusted to me. God entrusted me with a mission to love my neighbour, in every present moment of my life.

I am sure, that every Christian has a specific mission that God has entrusted with. I am sure, that God will always be by the side of every Christian to accomplish the mission.

Are you accomplishing the mission God has entrusted you with?

'The Mission'

 February 2019

'Hail Mary'

Some people might come up with the question, but who is Mary? These people might not necessarily be non-believers but could be people of little faith or even people proclaiming of having a strong faith. The ‘Hail Mary’ prayer answers this question of who Mary is. The ‘Hail Mary’ prayer has the following wording:

Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.

Holy Mary Mother of God,

pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death


Anyone who has a good knowledge of the Bible would know that part of the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer is taken from the Bible. The first part of this prayer refers to the angel Gabriel, and also to Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin. As we read in Luke 1:28, the angel Gabriel greeted Mary at the Annunciation with the following words, ‘Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with thee’. Furthermore, in Luke 1:42, we find Elizabeth’s welcoming words upon the visit by Mary, as follows: ‘Blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus’. By time around the mid-eleventh century, these two particular Bible verses where joined together to form part of the ‘Hail Mary’.

The second part of the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer, referring to ‘Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death’, was added around the fourteenth and fifteenth century. The intention of adding the second part was to ask for Mary’s intercession on our behalf.

These two particular parts of the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer, clearly show that this prayer has its roots in the Bible as well as in the people’s faith together with the reflection of the Church. The Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraph 2679, clearly shows the importance of asking Mary’s intercession, as indicated in the words: ‘Mary is the perfect Orans (prayer), a figure of the Church. When we pray to her, we are adhering with her to the plan of the Father, who sends his Son to save all men. Like the beloved disciple we welcome Jesus' mother into our homes, for she has become the mother of all the living. We can pray with and to her. The prayer of the Church is sustained by the prayer of Mary and united with it in hope’.

So, who is Mary? The first answers are clearly indicated through the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer. She is filled with Grace and the Lord is always with her. Mary is blessed among all the women and also blessed is her son Jesus. Mary is Holy and she is the Mother of God. Mary prays for all the sinners in every moment of a person’s life and especially she will pray for them at the hour of their death. By trusting in Mary, man can approach her knowing that she welcomes all the sinners, and leads them to her son Jesus, so they can receive Salvation. 

(This monthly reflection is an extract from my Christian Book ‘Her Silence’)

Hail Mary

January 2019

'The Holy Spirit'

Who is the Holy Spirit? Some people might ask this question, especially if they do not know Jesus in a personal way. The basic answer to this question is found in John 14:16 ‘And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever’. Here Jesus is promising the Holy Spirit to His disciples. The promise is that the Holy Spirit will always be with the disciples. God will never abandon the disciples.

Jesus further reveals to them who the Holy Spirit is through John 14:26 ‘But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.’ Jesus’ promise further extends that the Holy Spirit will teach the disciples of all things God wants to express to mankind. This, in a nutshell is who the Holy Spirit is.

When the Holy Spirit was experienced by the disciples at Pentecost, in Acts 2:1-4 it is explained that ‘When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.  They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.  All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.’

The promise of Jesus to His disciples was fulfilled at Pentecost. This same promise was not only for the disciples, but for every baptised person. Today, the Holy Spirit is as ever present. The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity, is a mystery which one can only partly understand. It is faith in God that will help us to experience and grow closer to the Holy Spirit.

 (This monthly reflection is an extract from my Christian Book ‘In His Image’)


The Holy Spirit

  December 2018

‘This Christmas... make peace with your neighbour’

Another year has nearly ended. Another Christmas has come. Many people will make their wishes hoping that they come true.

Christmas… the day to remember of baby Jesus who was born to bring peace to the world… baby Jesus who was sent by His Father to bring Salvation to all generations. How I wish that this truth is accepted by all people, lived by all, so that peace may really reign.

Christmas… what a lovely gift we can be to one another, to forgive the hurts caused by our neighbours, who could be my family members, work mates, parishioners, friends… how it would be lovely to forgive and make peace. This Christmas give this special gift to others… forgive and make peace.

World leaders, seek what is best for humanity, make this Christmas an occasion of peace with neighbouring countries. Let this day of Christmas be all year round, so all nations would live in peace.

People from all nations, people with different languages, make this Christmas a special Christmas which you would remember for the rest of your lives. Make peace and help those whom you have been in dispute. Let the love of Jesus penetrates your hearts, your being, so that peace may really be part of your life.

This is my humble message to all. This Christmas… make peace with your neighbour.

This Christmas... make peace with your neighbour

November 2018


Love. Most probably the word ‘love’ is the most used word throughout the different languages. The word ‘love’ is used in different occasions to describe something we like, such as,… I love my country, I love football, I love cooking… etc. For me as a Christian the word ‘love’ reminds me of how much Jesus loves each person. Jesus loved so much that He died on the cross for me, for you and for all the generations.

The love of Jesus is what each person requires in life. His loves comfort us, heals us, and draws us to the loving Father. What each person is called to do in life is to love all neighbours one meets during our daily life. Each moment in life is an occasion to love in the same way that Jesus loves.

Loving one’s neighbour is possible by having a personnel relationship with Jesus. As Christians we are to be witnesses of how much Jesus loves every person and we are to draw each person to Christ by being another Jesus to our neighbours. Loving as Jesus did will bring peace to our hearts, to our lives.

The word ‘love’ also reminds me about the times Jesus has helped me in my life. The occasions when He comforted me when being down, the times He has healed me when being sick, the way He has guided me during different difficult decisions I took in life, the many times He has showed me how to ‘love’ my family, friends and each neighbour.

So, I am really grateful for recognising how much Jesus loves me in a personal way. I hope that even you have recognised the ‘love’ of Christ in your life and that you have accepted Jesus in your life and follow Him.


October 2018

‘Respect for the Human Person’

The ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’ paragraphs 1929 to 1933, refers to ‘Respect for the Human Person’. These paragraphs form part of Article 3 regarding ‘Social Justice’. I wonder what comes to your mind concerning respect for the human person? For sure we listen to a lot of debates and news items concerning the issue of respect for the human person. One can listen and read various ideas of what does it really mean regarding respect for the human person.

The way I see it, is that man was created by God. God being a loving Father, created man for a personal relationship with him. A personal relationship built on love. So, the answer is simple. Respect for the human person requires love. Paragraph 1931 of the ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’ quotes that ‘Respect for the human person proceeds by way of respect for the principle that "everyone should look upon his neighbor (without any exception) as 'another self,' above all bearing in mind his life and the means necessary for living it with dignity." No legislation could by itself do away with the fears, prejudices, and attitudes of pride and selfishness which obstruct the establishment of truly fraternal societies. Such behavior will cease only through the charity that finds in every man a "neighbor," a brother.’

Every human person is to be loved as a neighbour. Everyone is to live in dignity, no matter from which country our neighbour comes from. God who created every neighbour we come across in our lives, asks us to love our neighbour as ‘another self’. Through this personal relationship between God and man, God through His abundance of love, showers man with His mercy, comfort and with unconditional love. God created man to live with ‘neighbours’ and through their respect towards each other, the love of God enriches their life, experiencing the tremendous love of the Holy Trinity.

Respect for the human person, is to love God.

Respect for the Human Person


  September 2018

‘Jesus wants everyone to know Him in a personal way’

Jesus wants everyone to know Him in a personal way. The love of His Father is for all people in all nations. This opportunity to taste and see that the Lord is good is for everyone, yet it is still not known by all people. This reality could be because although certain people have attempted and had the opportunity to taste and see that the Lord is good, they have decided to go their own way, refusing to know Jesus in a personal way. In these situations, Jesus still loves and cares for each person, and still desires that every individual would return to Him to find refuge and to be blessed.

In Mark 6:34 we read that …When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things. This particular verse reminds me very much of today’s society and makes me reflect upon it. It seems that even today a big number of people are like sheep without a shepherd, not knowing what they want from life and what life is all about. Today’s society is built on individualism, on an attitude as if each person knows it all; there exists lack of trust, and obedience and respect seem to be something of the past or old fashioned. In such an atmosphere, one will find it hard to believe and have faith in Jesus, to taste and see that the Lord is good.

Upon seeing the people like sheep without a shepherd, Jesus had compassion for them. He loved these people and wanted the best for them. Embraced by the power of the Holy Spirit Jesus began teaching them many things. One might reflect and ask… but who were the people in the crowd described as sheep without a shepherd? In my opinion that crowd was composed of a mixture of people. People who were curious who Jesus was, sinners, unhappy people, people with doubts about their faith… and some who had started to believe in Him and followed Him later in their lives. Is this not the same situation also occurring in todays’ society?

Jesus was there for them. Jesus was there to bring hope to them, to teach them about the loving Father… to be their shepherd. Jesus was after the sinner, the broken-hearted, the poor, the lonely, the sick… Jesus was there for all. Jesus knew what His mission was for the Salvation of people. He knew that the people needed to taste and see that the Lord is good, in order to accept and have faith in Him, and to accept the Salvation He was bringing to the people.

Jesus knew that if the broken hearted, the poor, the sinners and all those in danger of losing their soul would believe in Him, they would find refuge in Him. He knew that if these people would make an effort in their lives to seek Him, to cast all their burdens upon Him, to know Him in a personal way… they would find happiness in Him. Jesus knew that by following Him and giving their lives to Him by renouncing all their disbelief and sin… by putting their trust in Him, they would be embraced by the loving Father.

This is also true for today’s society. The loving Father wants to embrace each one of us, he wants us to taste and see that the Lord is good!

(This reflection is taken from my Christian Book ‘Taste and see that the Lord is Good’)

 August 2018

‘Life... is all about loving’

Many times we hear of stories about life. We hear and read stories about the life of famous people. We know about the life of our close relatives, of our own family members. We know about the story of our own life.

In any person’s life there would be the good and happy moments, or the bad and sad moments. Each of these moments would have their own particular story, a particular situation to recall about. Each moment in life, each situation we encounter in life, is a particular moment that requires love. Life… is all about loving.

As human being we are all called to love. We are all called to love our neighbour. Each human being, coming from any country in the world, practicing any religion, has a golden rule to follow… to love.

As a Christian, practicing the golden rule of love, is to be another Jesus to my neighbour. In every moment of my life, in any situation I find my self in, love is to be the characteristic of my life… that is Jesus. Being Jesus is to share the love of the Father to all the people I be with in every situation of my life.

So, if life is all about loving, why is peace lacking in life. Because love is not being shared and practiced by all. Love requires to be reciprocal. Peace is the answer to reciprocal love, while disunity is the cause of lack of love.
This is what I really would like all to understand, that life is all about loving. Whatever your life is about, whatever situation you find yourself in… love is the answer to your life.

    July 2018

‘Are we communicating Peace and Unity?’

Along the history of mankind, ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, peace and unity between neighbours, friends, family members, and between nations has always been an issue. Jesus, died on the cross and brought Salvation to all mankind. So, peace and unity is possible to reign if mankind truly loves one another… that is to love each neighbour.

It is up to each individual, to decide through his own actions, that peace and unity is communicated to another person. It is as simple as the domino effect. If one is standing strong in his faith, the other person shall also be strong. If we do acts of love to another person, teach the Word of God, preach the Good News… the other person shall also become stronger in his faith and in return will do the same.

On the other hand if a person is not strong in his faith, he will easily fall whenever temptations comes his way. A person who is not spiritual strong in his faith, who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus, who is not concerned about loving ones’ neighbour, will bring havoc to persons living around him… they will also fall like him.

So, are we communicating peace and unity to the people we are with? As God’s creation, is mankind seeking to know God in a personal way, and to share His love with other people? When promoting abortion, euthanasia, or the practicing of money laundering, fraud etc… are these communicating peace and unity in our societies throughout the world?

In my humble experience of life, to bring peace and unity throughout the nations is only possible if people of good will, communicate the love of God to other people. It is through His love that mankind can be fulfilled in his life, as it is only through His Son that Salvation is possible.

If we live in true peace and unity with our neighbours… we are on the right way for Salvation.

   June 2018

‘The babies in their mothers’ womb want to live’

A couple of days ago I was in a chapel, praying, meditating and experiencing the Love of God in a personal way. It was a moment of peace, of knowing that God treasures me immensely. I was reflecting about life, of how wonderful it is, even when we face difficult moments in our life. In those precise difficult moments of life, God intervenes through His grace, to present us with His peace, His love, His care, His comfort… so as to experience His love in a personal way.

During this time of meditating I also remembered about the babies in their mother’s womb. Would these mothers accept their baby in their womb and let them live, to experience life, to be loved and experience the wonderful life God prepared for them? Or, would certain mothers not want their babies to live and experience life?

The babies in their mothers’ womb would want to live. They are a gift not only to their mother and father… but to all humanity. They are a gift that God presents to humanity. When we love our neighbour we are loving Jesus. When a mother loves her baby in her womb and accepts the baby to be born she is loving Jesus. When a mother does not accept a baby to be born… Jesus suffered for this situation on the cross.

Jesus called the children to go to Him… let us pray that all mothers accept their babies in their womb… and let them live and experience through God’s grace this wonderful life.

  May 2018

'I am not ashamed'

Following Jesus in my life has been the most important decision I have taken. It was a decision that I needed to take in a time when I was passing through spiritual dryness in my life. Although this spiritual dryness was a difficult time to live, it brought me closer to God… to the loving Father. After all, I was in search and seeking for the truth… ‘What is life all about?’.

Ever since I decided to follow Jesus, to commit my life to Him, to change my life, to be formed in my faith and to evangelize, Christ has always strengthened me in my faith and provided the required grace to overcome any other kind of spiritual dryness. In today’s society it is not easy to proclaim the truth and speak out about my faith and what the risen Lord has done in my life. It does not matter for me what unbelievers think about me… or for those who have a different opinion from me with regards to morality, ethics, values etc. I am a Christian and I proclaim what Christ teaches and I am not ashamed at all for following Jesus.

What is important for me is that while I continue to deepen my faith in the love of God and continue to have this personal experience with Jesus… in the same time I try to also share His love to other people. Of course, such Good News is not always well received or not received at all by certain people… but I have experienced that the Good News, after all is far more received by people.

Whenever a person decides to follow Christ, one is not to be ashamed. I am not ashamed of following Christ… and I hope that neither are you.

 April 2018

'Who is really poor?'

Recently, I was reminded of a particular passage from the Bible which upon meditating on it I realized and understood more of who is ‘really poor’!! I meditated upon the following passage from Mark 12:41-44, Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents. Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

The above passage made me realize more and understand that it is not the lack of money, food, clothes, career, education etc. that makes a person really poor, but the lack of loving one’s neighbor and giving oneself to others to help the needy. The poor woman as Mark recounts, for sure became poorer by giving out everything she had that is the few cents for the offerings, but for sure became richer in her spiritual life. This woman who was a widow, through her gesture, in her simplicity of life, in a humble way, for sure trusted in God. She was not after the treasures that life presents, but she was focused on doing God’s will, even though being a poor lady.

This passage is very true even in todays time. Who is really poor? A person could really be poor as not being wealthy and not having the basic things in life for a good quality of life. On the other hand, it is also true that a person could be poor because in one’s spiritual life the person lacks this personal experience of Jesus… of experiencing God as the loving Father. So, who is really poor?

I would rather be like the poor widow as described by Mark. I prefer to be poor without treasures and possessions on this earth, but to be rich in my spiritual life by following Jesus, to love my neighbor and to seek the kingdom in heaven. Are you poor in your spiritual life… in your relationship with Jesus?

 March 2018

'The Cross... is the way to Salvation'

Every person carries a different cross in life. This cross can easily burden a person’s life. For certain people the cross means only something negative such as a particular experience, loss of a dear family member or friend, being homeless, being a sick person, being a drug addict.

The cross in itself is not something pleasant to have and live with. The cross has another dimension in it which every person needs to discover. The Cross… is the way to Salvation. Jesus died on the Cross to bring Salvation to all people, to all nations.

It is not easy to accept the cross in life. But, it is possible to live the cross through the grace and love of Jesus. This is possible through a personal relationship with Jesus. A relationship that overcomes any cross in one’s life, a relationship that focus on Salvation.

By truly living the cross through His grace, a person can show the love of Christ to other people. This can be done by appreciating someone who visits you while being sick or receiving a phone call for encouragement. A homeless person can give a smile to a person providing food or clothes. The cross is an opportunity to receive hope, love, care, comfort, material goods from other persons and also for the person carrying the cross to reciprocate through prayer, a smile and thanking the other person.

The strength to carry a cross is only through Jesus. One is to trust in Him, have hope in Him, and to always remember that the Cross… is the way to Salvation.   

 February 2018

‘Draw your strength from His love’

In today’s world one hears a lot of people who are not at peace with their lives. For different reasons they struggle to find happiness, to be happy, to appreciate of what they have… their lives seem to be falling apart.

It is unfortunate what these people pass through and how difficult their lives could be. These people need to know of a reality which they might have missed in their lives… an opportunity to really be a happy person, to be able to appreciate the things which one has and above all to live a life in peace.

From my experience, I describe life in four simple words… ‘To be with Jesus’. Since I have been with Jesus, that is of changing my life and following Him… my life has become different.

Like anyone else, I do face different problems in life, but the fact that I am with Jesus, I have built this personal relationship with Him, while the problems of life are overcome through His cross. In return I experience happiness, peace and appreciate everything in life, even when facing different problems and difficulties.

The secret to be with Jesus, is that every day I draw my strength through His love. This is achieved through prayer, listening to His Word, receiving the Eucharist, meditating upon His Word, and above all by loving my neighbour.

So, let go of all the worldly things. Follow Him and draw your strength through His Love.

 January 2018
'Be encouraged'

Over the years I have met many people who feel that they are not worthy of God’s love. For some reason, these people might have passed through a difficult experience in their lives, with the consequence of not experiencing Jesus in a personal way.

On many occasions over these years I remember these people and share a prayer for them. My simple prayer for these people is that they receive the grace from God, to turn to Him, and experience His Son Jesus in a personal way. All I want to say to these people is ‘Be encouraged’  for God loves you in a personal way.

Every person is worthy to be loved by God, to experience His love, to experience Jesus in a personal way. All sinners are to go to Jesus… that means all of us! Jesus is waiting for us to take us to the loving Father and be embraced by Him and feel His comfort… His forgiveness.

The reason for sharing this, is because I have experienced Jesus in a personal way, and He has accepted me as I am, He cleansed me, He moulded me and through Jesus I also experienced the Father, the Holy Spirit… the Trinity.

So, ‘Be encouraged’, let go of the past, let go of sin, and follow Jesus. I am sure you will not be disappointed… but will be a fulfilled person through His love.

 December 2017
‘This Christmas… Jesus wants to be in our heart’

Christmas is here once again. Another year has nearly ended. During this year, everybody lived different experiences. Experiences that brought happiness to our lives. Experiences that brought sadness to our lives. Experiences that could have increased our faith in the loving Father, or experiences that affected negatively our faith.

This Christmas… Jesus wants to be in our heart. No matter what experiences we have lived through during this year, Jesus always loves us in a personal way and wants to be in our heart. This Christmas… Jesus wants to give each one of us a special gift… the gift of forgiveness, of reconciliation, of peace.

This gift, is for all mankind. This gift, is for all of society. If each person had to really practice forgiveness and reconciliation, peace will reign. There would be peace in our families, at our work place, within the political environment, peace between different religions… there would be peace in the world.

For peace to take place in the world, Jesus is required to be in our hearts. Jesus wants to live in our hearts. Jesus in our hearts would make the person filled with love, with comfort… filled with happiness. If only, every person would accept this gift from Jesus of being in our heart… society would resemble paradise.

This Christmas… let Jesus be in your heart.

 November 2017
'We are to live like Mary'

Mary, the mother of Jesus, wept upon seeing her Son dying on the Cross. Mary, embraced that particular moment of suffering, of seeing Her Son covered in blood, dead, but knowing that the Cross would bring the Salvation to all humanity.

In her suffering, Mary, as a mother accepted the will of the Father, that of being the Mother of Jesus. In her silence, she suffered, but that suffering was ‘nothing’, knowing that Salvation was only possible through the Cross… the Cross that reaped the joy of Salvation. 

Today, Mary is still with us. We are to imitate Mary in our lives, to bring that source of love, comfort and forgiveness which Mary presented to the world in a humble way, and to give it to society.

We are to present Mary, through our life, in our families, at school, at university, at our workplace, in parliament, and wherever we are and with whomever we are with. Mary is to be present in our society, by presenting Jesus as the Saviour of humanity.

As much as we are to know Jesus in a personal way, so to show us the way to Salvation, we are also to know Mary in our lives. Discovering Mary, is discovering the treasure of love. Her love was of doing the will of the Father, not only of being the Mother of Jesus… but of being the Mother of all humanity.

Today, Mary, wants us to return to Jesus. Today, Mary, is praying for humanity… for our society. Today, we are to live like Mary. 

 October 2017
'What are you doing with your talents?'

Have you ever wondered what talents you have? The different talents one has are very important for society. Why is this?

The reason is that society is in need of listening to the Word of God, of seeing people loving their neighbour and proclaiming the Good News and to bring peace to all. The different talents one has are there to be used in a creative way for the good of mankind from which society will surely benefit.

Christians, here have an important part to play in life. God gave each human being special talents. Christians have a special grace and responsibility to use such talents not only for the benefit of oneself, but for the whole of society. These talents are there to be used to bring peace, hope, comfort to society and above all to evangelize, that is to bring Christ to all the nations.

The Parable of the Bags of Gold (Matthew 25:14-30) is all about that. How are we using our talents? Do we find time to use our talents to proclaim the Good News? Are we taking initiatives to develop our talents further and let God to use us as His instrument to bring forth His love to all nations?

In my opinion, we really should think about our own talents and how we are using them for the benefit of society. I think we spend too much time blaming society for the problems and different difficult situations one has to live with. How about as Christians and other people of good faith, to take up the challenge to use their talents for the benefit of society. This way society can be a better place to live in, once God is more accepted and followed by the people.

Our talents, which God has trusted us with, are of a great need to society. So, what are you doing with your talents?  

 September 2017
'In the image of God'

Have you ever heard that man is in the image of God? When I heard this for the first time and I pondered about the meaning of it, I really could see how much God loves me in a personal way. God loves me so much that he made me in His own image.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraph 6 verse 355 explains that, 'God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them." Man occupies a unique place in creation: (I) he is "in the image of God"; (II) in his own nature he unites the spiritual and material worlds; (III) he is created "male and female"; (IV) God established him in his friendship.'

Furthermore, verse 357 explains that, ‘Being in the image of God the human individual possesses the dignity of a person, who is not just something, but someone. He is capable of self-knowledge, of self-possession and of freely giving himself and entering into communion with other persons. And he is called by grace to a covenant with his Creator, to offer him a response of faith and love that no other creature can give in his stead.’

The above are powerful words that really helps me in my faith and to follow Christ. Christ loves me just the way I am. He loves me for whom I am. His love for me is so great that He wants this personal relationship with me. I am to freely give myself to Him, just the way I am… for I am in the image of God.

Being in His image, I have realised that what is important in my life is to love Him… to love my neighbour… to be who I am by giving myself to others, through the love and grace of God. 

Being in the image of God, through His love and grace, I am called to bring His joy and peace to others. I am called to be an instrument of love where there is hatred, to help the poor and needy, to comfort those who are burdened.

I have realised that accepting myself of being in the image of God, I have become a fulfilled person and experience His love. You are also in the image of God.

 August 2017
‘All Christians need to work more together’

For sure most of the readers have heard the term ‘Ecumenism’. Briefly, ecumenism refers to the different efforts undertaken by Christians who pertain to various church traditions, to work and develop a closer relationship and better understanding between them.

Ecumenism normally relates to the different dialogues undertaken between the various Christian churches with the hope of reaching unity amongst them. All this is very positive and highly recommended to continue and to develop further. Ecumenism brings hope to all Christians of good faith that someday unity may prevail.

However, through ecumenism, society is now hoping to experience the fruits of such dialogues between different churches. Society requires that Christians go beyond dialogue in attempting to reach unity; society requires the efforts of all Christians together, in spite of the distinction of the different Christian churches, to work together in unity for the benefit of society. Society is in need of having Christians being united and bringing Christ to the people.

It is very painful to see different Christian churches not joining efforts to do acts of love to their neighbour, whoever he may be. Whenever Christian churches join together (while respecting their difference in opinion, tradition etc.) to concretely help those around them, that is when true unity is done, that is when Jesus is fully proclaimed to the people, to society.

If truly, Christians belonging to different churches want to see a change in society, want to see Jesus proclaimed to society, first and foremost Christians are to join their efforts together, to do projects together, to share the Good News together, and bring the Gospel to every corner of the world. This is what Jesus wants and desires for society.

I am convinced that this is possible, that Christians of different churches can come together to share the Good News. I have especially experienced this in the late 80’s to mid 90’ when I used to evangelize together with a Catholic youth group and later with a Catholic missionary group I used to form part of. There were occasions when we used to evangelize in the streets of Germany and in other European countries, and in certain occasions we joined forces with other Christian groups belonging to a different church. I recall the times when we used to share to the people the Good News together, together pray with the people on the streets and together bring healing to their lives. All we did was to let go of the differences between us as Christians coming from different churches. When we evangelized, we let Jesus be present amongst us through the unity that was created, and through the Holy Spirit we evangelized to the people and brought Jesus to them.

Christian unity is possible. Society is waiting for Christians to take the step to be united and spread the Good News.

(This month’s reflection is an extract from my latest new book ‘Waking up the sleeping giant)

 July 2017
‘A marriage in God’s plan’

Recently I was reading some parts of the ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’. I was struck by a particular paragraph 1605 which states the following:- 

Holy Scripture affirms that man and woman were created for one another: "It is not good that the man should be alone." The woman, "flesh of his flesh," i.e., his counterpart, his equal, his nearest in all things, is given to him by God as a "helpmate"; she thus represents God from whom comes our help. "Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh." The Lord himself shows that this signifies an unbreakable union of their two lives by recalling what the plan of the Creator had been "in the beginning": "So they are no longer two, but one flesh."

The above paragraph made me thank the Lord for the upbringing my parents gave me. Through the love my mother and father gave me, I could really experience the love of the Father, the Creator. God’s plan for my life was possible through the oneness of my mother and father. Together as one, my mother and father gave me the love presented to them by the Father.

‘Yes Lord, I do thank you for the marriage of my parents, for through them I was a gift in their lives, a gift to all the family. Lord, over the years I have realised how important my mother and father were in my life. They expressed to me how much you love me in a personal way’.

As the Holy Scripture affirms that a man and woman were created for one another, through the upbringing of my parents and through my relationship with Jesus, I came to understand more the value that a marriage in God’s plan is between a man and a woman. I thank you Lord that through my mother and father you transmitted to me the precious love of the Father.

 June 2017
‘Every person in every corner of the world is in need of evangelization’

Do you know that the Gospel is to be spread all over the world… that is, to every person and in every corner of the world? The need to evangelize is immense. It is not only the people who have not heard of the Gospel that need to be evangelized, but also Christians that have left their faith, are lukewarm towards God. These Christians need to be re-evangelized, need to be reached in a new loving way.

Through evangelization, everybody is to be reached. Every person in the world must have the opportunity to be evangelized. God loves every person, and so every person deserves to know the Gospel, to know that God loves him in a personal way. There is no exception to this, there are no excuses that in certain areas and places evangelization could not take place. There are no exceptions, either, to skin colour or race… Everyone, everyone must have the opportunity to know about the Gospel and to know that God loves them.

So who is going to evangelize these people? Every Christian that is baptised through the Holy Spirit is practically called and is responsible to evangelize. There is an opportunity to share about God’s love through our daily actions. We are to share His love at our work place, in our families, at our church gatherings, in the suburbs, to the prisoners, the sick, and so on. So there are no excuses that as Christians we do not know who to evangelize, because the opportunity is always there… it all depends on whether we take up this challenge and do it out of His love for others. Evangelization is a vital aspect of a Christian’s life. If you do it in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, then you can be a living testimony, a witness of His love.

(This month’s reflection is an extract from my book ‘Evangelization through social networking sites’)

 May 2017
'Living our morals and values'

Recently I was wondering about how can the world be in peace? How can I actually love my neighbour? What must one do to fully live one’s Christianity?

There are many ways and means of how the above can be achieved. But as I was deeply thinking and reflecting about life, what came to my mind was that the above questions can be achieved if one lives the Christian morals and values.

Christian morals and values revolve around spiritual devotion, devotion to the family unit and church family, charity work and respect for and promotion of human dignity. If only each Christian had to fully live these morals and values it would be possible to live in peace, it would be easy to love your neighbour, one would really be living Christianity to the full.

But why is it that certain Christians do not live up to these morals and values? Many reasons could lead to such a situation, but the main reason in my opinion, is that there would not be a personal relationship with Jesus in one’s life. Having this personal relationship with Jesus, experiencing His love in a personal way, and giving oneself to the loving Father, would result that the person would fully live the Christian morals and values.  Having this personal relationship with Jesus, would strengthen the spirituality of the person’s life by going against the currents of today’s world, and be able to say ‘yes’ and live the Christian morals and values through peace and grace by the Lord.

So, this is my encouragement to all who want peace in their lives. Seek the relationship with Jesus, let Him mould you into His image… and He will give you the strength to live the Christian morals and values to the full.

April 2017
‘Through the Cross we are saved’

During this time of the year, every Christian reflects more deeply about the Cross. The Cross that Jesus died on… the Cross that brought us Salvation. Through the Resurrection of Jesus the Cross paved the way for us to be saved. The Cross is the love of Jesus for all mankind.

On the Cross Jesus did not die only for Christians, but He died for all mankind, even if a person is an unbeliever or belonging to another faith, Jesus died for that person. Jesus is Love, and on the Cross He expressed His love through the suffering He went through, to bring us Salvation by the Resurrection.

This is what every Christian is responsible for, to preach, to share with other people, to be Jesus to others, to explain the Cross to all mankind. All mankind is to know about the Cross, as it is through the Cross that one can draw closer to Jesus.

Christians living this experience of knowing they are saved through the Cross are to be another Jesus to others. Through the help of Jesus, Christians are to carry the Cross in their daily lives and be witnesses to others. Christians are to show the world that through the Cross we are saved.

Are you letting Jesus to carry your cross in your live and show you the way to Salvation?

 March 2017
'Go to Jesus with the Wounds'

As Christians, we try to deal with spiritual wounds by going to Jesus. We are to go to Jesus in faith, and ask Him in a humble way to ‘Heal my wounds’. We are to trust Him, to be open to the Spirit of God and let Him penetrate into our hearts… into the deep corners of our hearts where these wounds have been resting for a number of years. These wounds have penetrated our hearts, deepening the scars of hate, anger, jealousy, revenge… of anything that separates us from the loving Father and from being a merciful person towards our neighbours. Indeed, these scars may hinder us from loving our neighbour.

We are not to be doubtful or afraid of approaching Jesus. We know that He loves us in a personal way and has died on the cross to express this love for us. He is there with open arms, ready to receive us back to the Father’s fold. Jesus is there to help us to rise up and walk again, and not to be a ‘crippled’ person in our spiritual lives. Jesus will give us His compassion, His forgiveness, His love, His comfort… and above all will give us His healing.

There is nothing to stop us or prevent us from going to Jesus. We are to let go of fear, of shyness, of pity… we are to be strong in our faith… to let go of sin and steadfastly go to Jesus. We are to give our wounds to Jesus, to receive Him in our hearts, to receive His healing.

 February 2017
‘Jesus and the cross’

Do you ever dedicate time to reflect upon the episode when Jesus died on the cross? Do you know that when Jesus died on the cross, He nailed all sins to the cross and set you free?

Jesus died on the cross because He loves you. He embraced the cross out of love to set you free from all sins, to set you free from not believing in Him... He is Jesus the Son of God.

When Jesus embraced the cross, He was embracing you, embracing the same cross you carry in your daily life. The daily cross you carry in your life, is ‘lighter’ to carry if you trust in Him.

We are to be another Jesus in our life, by being Jesus to others. Embracing our cross in our life, through the grace and love of Jesus, is when we are Jesus to others.

Embracing our cross is embracing Jesus.

 January 2017
‘Be bold and share the Good News’

During the past weeks, I have reflected a lot upon people who are spiritual wounded. People who have suffered by being abused or bullied, through illness, experiencing the loss of someone special, traumas caused through divorce and many more sufferings. Sufferings that can easily result in a spiritual wound of not believing in God and of feeling abandoned by God. These spiritual wounds can have the consequence of finding it difficult to love one’s neighbour, difficult of helping others and of not being in peace.

But what can one do to help these people? How can one help these people to overcome these spiritual wounds? How can these people be spiritual strong again?

In my opinion we need to be bold and share the Good News. We are to share the Good News to these people to give them hope that even in these sufferings, Jesus loves them in a personal way. We are to help them grow in their faith, to trust Jesus in these sufferings, and to ask Him to heal these spiritual wounds.

We are to be there beside them, to comfort them, just as Jesus would comfort them. We are to be Jesus to them… we are to be the suffering Jesus to these people… and present them to the Cross.

We are to be bold, not to be afraid, to ask the Holy Spirit to use us to share the Good News with the suffering people. This is the mission for all those who follow Christ. The mission to make a difference in society to share the Good News to all.

So, the challenge for this year is to be bold and share the Good News.

  December 2016
'A Christmas present to the world… let the unborn babies live’

Another Christmas is here. Houses, shops, schools, churches, and streets are already decorated with different colourful lights. Parties are organised, presents are bought, sermons are prepared and buying the food for the Christmas meal is already being done. All this to bring joy to the world by remembering of the birth of Jesus.

During this period, we will hear many speeches all over the world by prominent people. Usually these speeches would focus to bring peace to the world and to end different wars. Also, a lot of good initiatives are held during this time by visiting the homeless, the elderly, by giving present to the poor and such others.

But what would be the best speech, the best initiative, the best Christmas present one can give to the world. This Christmas, the best present to the world is… ‘to let the unborn babies live’. I encourage all prominent people and the public to speak out, to be bold, to be a voice to the voiceless… ‘to let the unborn babies live’. We are to take up initiatives by visiting mothers to be, to encourage them that whatever situation they are passing through, they can be a loving mother… just like Mary.

‘Let the unborn babies live’… let them experience life, listen to the birds, feel the rain and wind, play and cry. ‘Let the unborn babies live’… to go to school, to make friends, to go to work, to be tomorrow leaders of the world. ‘Let the unborn babies live’… to live as we did, to rejoice as we did, to be sad as we did, to feel the pain as we did, to be happy as we did, to be parents as we did.

This is the voice of the voiceless… ‘let me live this Christmas and the years to come… let me live as a baby and grow’.

 November 2016
'Do I help my neighbour?'

Have you ever stopped for some time and reflected upon if you help your neighbour? This is a reflection that not many persons tend to think about.

Helping my neighbour is a very important aspect of my life. There are different ways and means of how one can help his neighbour. I try that in every occasion I have during the day, no matter who my neighbour is, I do my best to help that person in any way I can. It is a lifestyle that helps me to grow in my spiritual life.

When helping my neighbour it is an occasion for me to present Jesus to the other person. How? By being humble, being a witness of peace, living my faith to the fullness, sharing about Gods love… by being Jesus to the other person.

There is only one aim when helping one’s neighbour through different ways and means. That is of giving them Jesus by loving the other person just as Jesus loves them.

So… do I help my neighbour? Am I being Jesus to my neighbour?

Just reflect for a few seconds…

… know that all that Jesus wants from you is to love Him… by loving your neighbour.

 October 2016
‘The experience of The Light in our lives has to be shared’

The experience of living in ‘The Light’ in our lives has to be shared with other people. Keeping this treasure to oneself is the downfall for any Christian. Without sharing with others this experience of ‘The Light’ it would not be possible for our spiritual life to grow, to mature; we would not be able to become a holier person… by time this light would fade away. Why? Because our faith is to be shared with others; we are to share the love of the Father, to share the love that comes from God who created us. When we fail to share the love of Christ with others, it could be that we would be depriving them from experiencing and treasuring ‘The Light’.

We are to reach out to our communities: at the place of our work, in our families, at schools and universities, to the whole world and be Jesus to those we come across in our daily life. ‘The Light’ we received is to be shared, is to be given wherever there is darkness, wherever there is lack of hope, lack of peace, to the prisoners, the sick person, the person in search of the truth, the unbelievers, to all mankind.

This is the responsibility of each Christian living in ‘The Light’. We are not to remain idle, doing nothing while other people are in darkness, are in despair. People living in darkness can only be free from darkness if this same light, experienced by Christians, is given to them, is shared with them. Darkness will disappear once ‘The Light’ offered to them is accepted by people and becomes present in their life.

Are we sharing ‘The Light’ with others?

(This month’s reflection is an extract from my latest new book ‘The Light’)

 September 2016
'A life of prayer'

During our daily lives we have time to do a lot of different things. We go to work, to school, visit our friends and relatives, we spend time watching television, and so on… But what about prayer. Do we spend time in prayer? Do we spend time with Jesus in prayer?

Prayer is a very important part of my life. It is a time to be with Jesus, to voice out my thanksgiving to Him, to worship Him, to adore Him… to listen to Him… to experience Him in my life. For me prayer is a ‘lifestyle’. Prayer gives me the strength to overcome difficulties in life, to be able to love my neighbour more, to be able to forgive, to do acts of love, to be a merciful person. Prayer makes me a whole person, as I know that Jesus is listening to me, God the Father is glad of me, and the Holy Spirit continues to strengthen me in my faith.

This is my experience of prayer. An experience of being loved by Him, of being comforted, knowing that Jesus is listening to me and in His own way He answers my prayers. My life of prayer is a joy for me.

This is my prayer for you… that you may experience this in your lives… and that you live a life of prayer.

 August 2016
'It is a joy to help the needy'

Helping a needy person is a blessing to do. Whenever one helps a needy person, joy is experienced in one’s life. This joy is possible when a person has a personal relationship with Jesus. Experiencing joy whenever serving a needy person is possible for all.

But who is the needy person? A needy person could be someone who is sick and wants someone to help to do some errands. Maybe your neighbour cannot buy the necessary food for the family due to financial difficulties… and would appreciate if someone provides the food! There could be people in need to have the opportunity to talk about their difficulties in life and just want someone to listen to them and comfort them. Other would be in need to grow in their spiritual life, to understand what life is all about and to know who Jesus is. There are different other needs a person could want and wishing that other persons could help them with.

Helping a person in need is an opportunity to love, is an opportunity to bring Jesus to the person. So how come that joy is experienced whenever helping a needy person? The secret of experiencing this joy, is that when one loves a needy person, it is Jesus that is receiving this love. The joy is the result of loving Jesus, is the result of having a personal relationship with Jesus.

In our lives we have many opportunities to help the needy. Each of our neighbour is in some kind of need. Are we reaching out to our neighbours? Are we helping our neighbour with their needs?

Helping our neighbour with their needs is an opportunity to love, to give Jesus and to experience His joy.

 July 2016
‘Is your life lived through 'The Light'?

Everybody asks different questions about their life. People wonder if they are living a fulfilled life. The meaning of life is not the same for all. Different cultures, different religions will have a bearing on the opinion of different people of what the real meaning of life is. Other people do not want to know the truth or are afraid of knowing the truth. The question that few people ask is, ‘is your life lived in the light?’ The answer to this is only known in the depth of each persons’ life… is only known by ‘The Light’ himself,  that is our loving Father. 

Each person knows the answer to his life. Everyone knows if he is living in the light or not. If you love your neighbour and dedicate your life to help your neighbour, to be one with that person, it is an indication that you are living in the light. On the other hand, if you do not perform concrete acts of love to your neighbour, do not appreciate and neither be interested in the other person needs, the chances are that you are living in darkness… light is not present in your life.

If one really makes a true examine of his life, one will know if he is truly living through ‘The Light’. The result of living through ‘The Light’ is seen by the eagerness of one’s life to know more about Christ and to be like Christ. When one is compassionate, loving the neighbour in a concrete way, forgiving the person for any bad deed, comforting a person, and through many other acts of love, is a way of expressing ‘The Light’ to another person. This all depends if one lives the gospel faithfully in his life. The person who truly lives through ‘The Light’ will reconcile with anyone, will love his neighbour continuously, and be totally dependent upon God to be a merciful person.

So, my encouragement for this month is to try to live your life in ‘The Light’.

(This month’s reflection is an extract from my forthcoming new book
‘The Light’)

June 2016
‘Jesus in my life’

Over a number of years I have seen the importance of sharing about what Jesus did in my life. This is an experience which I always try to share with other people. Why do I feel that this is important?

Jesus in my life made a big difference. When I accepted Jesus and had this personal relationship with Him my life became fulfilled. He brought joy to my life, He is always there when I am weak… but above all through Him I got to know the loving Father.

This experience of mine is worth nothing if I keep it to myself. I share about Jesus to others because I have experienced Him personally and know that He is the way. There is no other way in life except through Him.  One can try different thing to be happy and to seek joy in life. But all the worldly things come to an end and none of them will provide true happiness.

Through my experience and of many others, Jesus made this tremendous difference in our lives. He is our Saviour.  All I wish and pray to whoever reads this monthly reflection is to give Jesus a chance in your live.

Let Him show you the Way.

May 2016
‘The Joy of knowing Christ’

Christ. It has been a joy for me that I know Christ. Jesus Christ is the source of my life. When I reflect upon my life, I know that in every situation of my life Jesus has always been with me.

This joy of knowing Jesus was possible when I said my yes to Him... to follow Him, to trust in Him, to live in His light and to know Him more in a personal way. Jesus is always there, to talk to Him, to comfort me, to guide me, and to listen to Him. This is a real joy for me of knowing Christ.

Oh, how much I wish that more people experience the joy of Christ in their lives. Life would be more meaningful when one accepts His love and be embraced by the Father. Life would be different... because one will experience life differently... will experience life through the love of Jesus, of His Father.

Come Holy Spirit... give us this grace to experience the joy of Jesus.


April 2016
‘Healing the wounds of the world’

How tragic it is to hear news about different wars and terrorism taking place all over the world. Many innocent people are dying daily in these tragic situations. These are wounds that today's society is going through, wounds that cripple humanity from the possibility of living in peace and harmony.

These wounds brought through the above tragic episodes are the wounds that already have been suffered by the body of Christ when being on the Cross. These same wounds carried by Jesus makes it possible to experience healing by loving, trusting and having faith in Him. It is only through Jesus that these wounds are healed.

Each person in the world has to work to bring healing to these wounds. We are to love one another without any distinction of race, religion or colour. We are to work for peace in the world through dialogue. This dialogue is not only the responsibility of the world leaders… but each person is to dialogue for peace. This can be achieved at our work place, with our families, with friends, and wherever we be.

Healing the wounds of the world is possible. We must constantly pray for peace. To be united through prayer and seeking the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives.

It is only through Jesus that the wounds of the world are healed.


March 2016
'Carrying the burdens of life’

Every person in the world goes through different difficult moments in life. These difficulties or so called burdens of life can take the form of sickness, being unemployed, family arguments, the death of a family member... and many, many such other examples.

What I have observed through life, is that different people who could be experiencing same burdens of life, can react differently to such same situations, such as when facing a particular sickness. I have observed persons that when being faced with sickness, they react angrily against God and put the blame on God. These same people would carry the burden of their sickness by being bitter towards God and they would not be in peace with themselves, but would be living in despair.

I also have observed other people, who when faced with the same kind of sickness are at peace with themselves. These people had accepted their sickness in such a way, of knowing that God is with them, comforting them, loving them and giving them the necessary grace. The secret of these people is that they trust in Jesus and through the Cross He carries the burdens of their life... their sickness.

What a difference! What do you do, when you are faced with a burden in your life? Are you letting Jesus through the Cross to carry your burdens?

(This month’s reflection is an extract from my forthcoming new book ‘The Light’)

February 2016
'Being a Merciful Person'

Mercy. Being a merciful person is the ultimate key to taste and see that the Lord is good. What does it mean to be a merciful person? A merciful person is one who has the virtue and compassion for his neighbour. The compassion for your neighbour is to be one with the person by recognising their needs, and to do your utmost to help that person in the particular needs of their lives.

The needs of the person can be different from one person to another. When one looks at these needs, which are problematic for the person and can hinder them from accepting God in their lives, these needs are either of body or soul. So to be a merciful person one is to address these needs which are linked to the needs of the body, by feeding the hungry, to give drink to the thirsty, to clothe the naked, to harbour the harbourless, to visit the sick, to ransom the captive, and to bury the dead.

Also, a merciful person is to reach out to the spiritual needs of another person. To address the spiritual needs of your neighbour, one might need to counsel the doubtful, to instruct the ignorant, to admonish sinners, to bear wrongs patiently, to forgive, to comfort the afflicted, and to pray for the living and the dead.

Through these different actions of love, a merciful person who embraces the love of God in his life, and of being Jesus to these people, will experience grace, love and peace of the Lord.

Are you being a merciful person?

(This month’s reflection is an extract from my forthcoming new book ‘Taste and see that the Lord is Good’)

 January 2016
‘Being a better person in Christ’

Recently I was reflecting on how someone can be a better person in Christ. Many ideas came to my mind, which this month I would like to share with you.

To become a better person in Christ, one is to accept that God loves each person in a personal way. This acceptance will help the person to understand why Jesus died on the cross. Accepting the salvation of Christ will transform a person to follow Jesus. When a person really follows Jesus, it entails to let go of living a life of sin, letting go of living with bad habits, it entails to do to others what Christ would have done to love each person.

To become a better person in Christ it also entails to spend time in prayer, to seek Gods guidance, to know Jesus in a personal way, to ask God for purification and to mould you in His own way. To become a better person in Christ is to let God totally in your life.

To become a better person in Christ is to dedicate your life by loving your neighbour. Loving your neighbour is only possible by loving Jesus. Always remember that Jesus is in your neighbour and when loving your neighbour you are loving Jesus.

Being a better person in Christ is by loving your neighbour.

December 2015
‘All I want for Christmas is… Peace’

Once again it is Christmas time and many people are doing their Christmas shopping. There are different gifts one can buy to their loved ones. These gifts can be expensive or of a low price, large or small, gifts that can reflect the need of the person.

What would you want for Christmas as a gift? A laptop, a mobile phone, a dress, a new car?  For me I only want one kind of gift this Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is… Peace. I would want to meet with different people of a different faith from mine, and that we give peace to each other and to live in peace with one another. Imagine living in peace and how different the world would be. Imagine you are in peace with your neighbor. This is possible if we put our differences aside, forgiving each other and to let the love of God in our midst.

So Happy Christmas to all, go and make peace with all, so the world may see the love of Christ in the world.

November 2015
‘Being Jesus to others’

Recently, I was thinking about the many persons I know who have still not experienced Jesus in their personal life. There could be many reasons why these persons have still not experienced Jesus in their lives. Maybe their upbringing in their families was not helping them to know Jesus in their lives. Maybe their friends did not live the Gospel and sought different adventures which life offers when being away from Christ.

Whatever the reason, these persons still deserve to know Jesus and to have a personal relationship with Him. But what can I do about it? How can these persons know Jesus in a personal way?

The answer is simple… I am to be Jesus to them… that is to be Jesus to others.

Every baptized Christian is to be Jesus to others. This is possible by receiving the Eucharist and / or listening to the Word of God. Obviously, this entails that we live the Gospel to the full, to depart from sin, and to follow Jesus.

‘Being Jesus to others’ will bring hope to the people, will bring comfort to the people, will help the other person to start to experience Jesus in their lives. I am going to be Jesus to the people I meet during the day… will you be Jesus to others??

October 2015
‘We are to start loving every day’

One of the biggest challenges every person face in life is to start loving every day. Every day is a new opportunity to love the people around you, to start loving in a new way, to start loving in a fresh way. This is the art of loving.

The love you gave to your neighbour, your family, your work colleague a year ago is in the past. The love you gave a month ago, a week ago, yesterday, a minute ago… is all in the past. What matters most is the love you give in the present moment. Are you loving your neighbour, your family, your work colleagues now, precisely in this present moment? Are you loving in a new way every day, even if it is a repetitive act of love?

The way you love your family every day by ironing their clothes on a daily basis could be a repetitive act of love. Or, the way you loved your poor neighbour by helping them with their errands could also be a repetitive act of love. But are you doing this in a new way every day, forgetting and emptying yourself of the way you loved a month ago, yesterday?

We are to start loving every day in a new way. We are to love unconditionally… just as Jesus loves us.

So, the challenge is there for you… to start loving every day in a new way.


September 2015
‘Your relationship with Jesus’

Many people claim that they have a relationship with Jesus. But what does a relationship with Jesus means? Is your relationship with Jesus resulting in peace with your neighbour? Are you helping the needy and poor and being one with them?

A relationship with Jesus does not only consist of spending time in prayer, participating in mass, listening to the Word of God or attending to a prayer group amongst others. A relationship with Jesus also requires to be in unity with the Holy Trinity, to be Jesus with others, and do His will in your daily life.

So a relationship with Jesus transforms you to be a peacemaker, to share the Good News, to be a witness of His love, to be joyful when being persecuted, to truly live up to the Beatitudes and be called blessed by God.

Like any kind of relationship, a relationship with Jesus takes time to develop and mature. When this relationship with Jesus grows it reaps the desired fruits in one’s life. You will be happy even though you pass through difficult times in life, you will be joyful even though you might be poor.

Jesus is always there to be with us even when we fall and abandon Him. He will give us the grace to return to Him and continue with our journey to salvation through our relationship with Him.
A personal relationship with Jesus is there for all to have.

 August 2015

'What makes us fulfilled?'

In the past months, many friends of mine passed through difficult times in their lives. Some had a relative that passed away, or problems in their marriage, others faced difficulties such as undergoing a major operation. These situations made me wonder about life. I did pray for each and everyone involved in these difficult situations, but when I reflected upon life, a question came to my mind… what makes us fulfilled?

These friends of mine that were passing through the difficult times, all were different in character, had different social background, faced a different financial situation and the way they appreciated life… but the common thing was that they were passing through a difficult time. These friends had a different cross to carry. Were they carrying the cross? Did they accept the cross?

So, what makes us fulfilled in life? Is it our financial stability? Is it our family? Maybe our work… or our friends? When we face a difficult situation in life… that is when a cross is in our lives… are we carrying it? What makes us carry a cross… or what makes us not carry a cross?

From my experience, and also from other friends of mine, who have accepted to carry a cross in their lives… what makes us fulfilled in life is Jesus. Jesus that died on the cross for each and every one. Jesus who showed us how to carry a cross… that is through the Love of the Holy Trinity.

Jesus makes us fulfilled… He helps us to carry any cross… by believing and have faith in the Holy Trinity.

Are you fulfilled in your life?

July 2015

'Sharing His Love'

Sharing His love with others, that is to share about God's love with the people you meet during the day, is a very important deed to be undertaken by every Christian. God's love needs to be proclaimed throughout the world. Everyone is an important person that deserves to know about God's love in a personal way. The question is, but am I proclaiming His love with other people?

This is a challenge, which I have taken up seriously in my life. This is a challenge for you to undertake through His love. People are waiting for his witnesses to share about His love. Sharing of one's experience of what God has done in a person’s life, can be the changing point of one's life upon hearing such an experience. Your experience of God's Love can make a difference to others.

Throughout my life, ever since I have accepted God to take control of my life, I have experienced that I need to share His love with other people. God made a difference in my life. Now, my life has a meaning.... that is to love my neighbour through His daily love He gives to me and which I share with others.

Those who know God in a personal way, have the responsibility to share His love with others. Go... share His love... and help people to know Him in a personal way.

In every day of my life I share His love with others... are you also sharing His love with others?

 June 2015

'Being a witness of His Love'

His love... is everything for me. Everyday, I know that I am embraced by His love, by His comfort, by His tenderness. Jesus is the Saviour. Jesus draws me closer to God.

Being a witness of His love, to love my neighbour, to be one with my family, to help my colleagues at work, is a way of living which I know draws me closer to God. Also, through my witness of His love, I know that other people I meet during the day have the opportunity to also draw closer to God.

Jesus wants us to be witnesses of His love, to be His disciples. Through our baptism, through the Holy Spirit, we are to go out to every corner in the world and share the Good News.

Why are we to do this? Besides that it is a command from Jesus, to go out and share the Good News, I feel also responsible that my experience of Jesus, the difference He made in my life, is to be shared with others. I feel that this treasure of Jesus, is not to be kept to myself, but to give it to others.

This is my encouragement to you. Go out and share the Good News... that Jesus is alive and real. I know this, because I daily experience Jesus in my life.

 May 2015

‘Letting Him be the source of our lives’

Have you ever thought for some moments about life? What is life all about? What do you think about life?

Through my opinion and experience of life I can say that life is all about 'loving' the other person you are with during each moment of your life. In simple terms, your life is a gift to the other person, that is for the other person to be 'loved' by you. This is the greatest gift you can give to the other person.

This gift of 'loving ' the other person is the spiritual 'love' given by the Father as presented through His Son Jesus Christ. This is the 'love' we are to give. But how can we give this 'spiritual love'? This is only possible if we let Jesus be the source of our lives. This is to let Jesus take full control of our lives and to use our lives to spread the good news.

Giving this spiritual ‘love’ to others entails to lose everything, that is to reach out to the needs of the other person and not to focus on your own personal needs. Loving the other person means that the other persons is more important than yourself. To be able to do this, it is required that you concretely decide to follow Him, to give your life to Him... and let Him take control of your life.

Jesus, is to be the source of your life.

 April 2015

‘Do you believe?’

Recently I was reading the passage from the Bible from John 19:35-37, and a particular passage made me think a lot. The passage is about the death of Jesus…

The man who saw it has given testimony, and his testimony is true. He knows that he tells the truth, and he testifies so that you also may believe. These things happened so that the scripture would be fulfilled: “Not one of his bones will be broken,” and, as another scripture says, “They will look on the one they have pierced.”

Do you believe that Jesus died on the cross for you? Do you believe that your sins where nailed to the cross?

Whatever Jesus did, whatever Jesus said, it all depends if we believe it or not. Whatever Jesus did and said, it was for all humankind… for everyone… for you in a personal way. The question is ‘Do you believe?’

The important issue here is that to believe in the cross, is to believe in the meaning of it. According to the "Catechism of the Catholic Church," the Crucifixion represents the ultimate sacrifice and a gift from God to humankind. Because humans had repeatedly sinned and broken covenants, the only proper atonement was the sacrifice of God's own son, poetically described as "the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world." In an official (encyclical) letter to Catholics in 2013, Pope Francis explained that the death of Jesus demonstrated the love of Christ for all people, and that "at the hour of Christ's Crucifixion" it was clear that "the depth and breadth of God's love shone forth."

So, let us enrich our faith, let us believe in the cross.

 March 2015
‘Everyday brings opportunities to love’

Everyday, there are many opportunities where we can love. Everyday, brings some sort of opportunities to love our neighbour.

During the day, are we recognizing what these opportunities are? Are we recognizing the times when we did not love our neighbour, when the opportunity was there?

Most of the people cross a road many times during the day. Was there an opportunity to help an old person feel secured while crossing the road? Did we help that person to cross the road?

During our time at the workplace, was there an opportunity to prepare tea for our colleagues? Did we take that opportunity to love our colleagues by doing tea for them?

During the day, there are many more opportunities how we can love our neighbour. Are we taking this challenge by loving them? Maybe someone is seeking help to overcome a problem he is facing. Are we there to help that person overcome that problem?

Everyday, is a challenge in our lives. Everyday, brings opportunities to love. Everyday, we want to be loved by others.

Jesus showed us how we are to love our neighbour. Now it is up to us, to love the other person whenever the opportunity is there, that is during every moment of the day.

 February 2015
‘Be an example to others’

Have you ever wondered how society has changed? You might ask, how come society has changed so much, does real ‘Love’ still exist?

Every person is part of society. Every person in different ways influence society. So what can we do to see a better society? Can real ‘Love’ be the foundation of society?

All we can do is to be an example to others. We are to love the people we meet during the day, through the love of Christ. Christ is the treasure we are to give to others. Real ‘Love’ is only possible by giving Christ to the other person. Society is waiting for Christ!

So, how can we be an example to others? By being a person who help our colleagues at our workplace. By spending quality time with our children as a family. By helping our parish priest to be able to reach out to the parishioners. By sharing the love of God to the young generation. By being a messenger of peace through His love.

Of course, there are more ways how we can be an example to others to change society. If only we had to stop and listen to His voice, and let Him tell us what to do. If only we have more time to listen to Him. If only we had to do what He tells us to do.

Let us be an example to others… and give Christ to the people.

January 2015

‘Be strong when life is hard’

Life is not easy to live. Everyone has his own experience of life. At times it is difficult to make things end due to financial problems. We might be living in difficult situations due to health problems, a broken marriage, being unemployed, or for other reasons. Yes, life could be hard to live.

Through my experience of life I can say that, yes, at times life is hard to live. On the other hand, along the years of my life, I have met with people whose life is much harder than mine. These people have set an example to me, that although life could be difficult, they have this special grace to be able to live through their difficult times.

Getting to know these people, I realised that the only common thing between them, besides the diverse of difficult situation they live in, is having this grace. This grace for them is their daily gift from God. The grace that they are able to live a fulfilled life through His love.

They are strong people, spiritual strong, which makes them able to live life when it is hard. This is only possible as they trust Him in their life, they have faith in Him, as they have a life of prayer with Jesus. So, that is why these people are strong when life is hard, because they are strong in their spiritual life.

If your life is a difficult one, be encouraged. Other people like you are passing through similar situations and living it through His grace. Be like them, trust Him, have faith in Him, and when you pray to Him ask for His grace.

Jesus, will give you God's grace… I am experiencing this.

December 2014

‘Jesus… I will follow you’

Jesus… I will follow you.

‘Now that you are born in a manger, I come to you Jesus, and knell down in front of you, and say, yes Jesus… I will follow you’.

How many times during Christmas period have we said these words in our hearts? How many times have we said to Jesus….I will follow you?

Jesus was born for all of us. He was born in a manger… and this manger is our heart. Our heart is the place where Jesus is born. Mary through the Holy Spirit, placed Jesus in a manger, the warm place of our hearts.

As Jesus is in our hearts, we are to give Jesus to others, a gift of Love. And, as Jesus will grow in our spiritual life, He will show us where to go, what to do, what to share, to follow Him everywhere, to bring the Good News.

Jesus… I will follow you.

May this Christmas, be a special Christmas to all, by giving Jesus as a special gift to others, to the poor, the needy, to our families, to our neighbours, to all. And, as we follow Jesus, let His joy, peace, comfort, love, fills our hearts, so that we be able to give these gifts to others.

Come, join me, and follow Jesus.

November 2014

'My guardian angel'

My guardian angel….the angel who know my needs, the angel who is there to protect me. I thank God for my guardian angel….for the angel helps me to overcome sin….helps me to do good deeds….helps me to become a better person.

When was the last time you spoke to your guardian angel? Are you aware that your guardian angel is there….just beside you….in each and every moment of your life? Do you listen to what your guardian angel is telling you in your life?

 Through my guardian angel, I am able to become a more holy person. My guardian angel helps me to have peace with my neighbours….to bring peace to the world. If only, people in all over the world are more aware of their guardian angel, there would be wonders happening….peace through the Love of God is possible to all….is possible in the world.

 Have time….be in silence and listen to what your guardian angel is telling you. God has given you a guardian angel because He loves you, and because He know that you need the angel.  Pray, to know your guardian angel, and listen to what the angel says to you.

 Our guardian angels will show us how to live in peace.

 October 2014
‘Only Love brings Peace’

Only love brings peace. Only love between each person, through loving each neighbour, is the way to bring peace to the world.

Lately, many appeals have been held by prominent people asking for peace. Many prayers have been held all over the world so that peace may reign. But still, war and hatred are dominating the world, unless, each person practices the art of loving......that is loving your neighbour.

No matter what religion each person practice, the golden rule of love is found in each religion. So why, peace is still not possible in the world? It is because not everybody really practice his religion, not everybody really believes in Jesus, the message of love is not practiced by all.

Loving your neighbour is required to be more practiced. Every person is created to love and be loved, every person knows how to love, every person is responsible to love. All this is possible if all of us let go of the barriers that prevent us from loving, the barriers of racism, of cultures, of ethnic groups, of political views, and so on.

So be encouraged, let go of these barriers and practice the art of loving. This way, peace is possible.

 September 2014
‘The way to heaven’

The way to heaven is presented to us through the Love of Jesus. Heaven is waiting for us, a place of total unity with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Heaven, is not far away. It is close to us through loving our neighbour in every present moment. Heaven, is found through our acts of love, the love that many people are waiting for.

Through our lives we are being prepared for this voyage, the voyage to heaven, a voyage that will present us to the Holy Trinity. This all depends on our love to others. It depends how much we are giving Jesus to others.

We are to examine ourselves, and ask ourselves, is my voyage on the right track to reach the destination of heaven? Am I prepared to enter heaven in the present moment?

We are to reflect on these two questions and evaluate what must be done to keep on track for the destination of heaven.

Heaven is there for you through His Love.

 August 2014
‘Time.....to share His love’

Time. How do we use our time? Are we wasting our time, or making good use of it?

Every person make use of time in different ways. Most of our time is for working, education and taking care of our families. We are responsible of how we use our time.

Using our time in the most effective way is by sharing His love to others. Giving Jesus to other people is a very precious thing. There are different ways how to share His love. Using time to share His love is investing in our future....and of others, that is to be with Jesus, His Father and the Holy Spirit for ever.

It is a pity that the world is crying for peace, and people do not find the time to give Jesus to others, by visiting the poor, helping the sick, caring for our elderly relatives, being with the spiritual broken people, above all giving Jesus to all. Blessed are those, who use their time by sharing Jesus with others.

So let us be encouraged, let us do that extra step, let us not be afraid, let us use time wisely by giving Jesus to others. Invest in time by investing in His love.

Your time is His love to you.


July 2014

‘Sharing His Love’

Recently I was thinking how important it is to share the love of Christ with others. There are different opportunities to do this, at work, at school, in our families, when meeting our friends, etc. Each of these opportunities we are to share His Love, through our example, by loving the other person we meet, through patience, through charity, through forgiveness, through listening to others, through giving a helping hand.....just as Jesus would have done it.

Sharing His Love, is a must to do, to grow in our relationship with Jesus, to be a light to society, to bring peace and joy. When I look back at my life, I recall many moments when this love was shared with me. These moments made an impact in my faith, my attitude towards life, my relationship with the people around me....my relationship with Jesus. Thanks to the people who shared His love with me, I have changed my life, grew in His Love, and now I share His Love with others.

Oh, how important it is to share His Love. Sharing His Love, is a way of living, is a way to follow Christ, is a way to be a Saint.

Go....and share His Love.


June 2014
‘The joy of helping your neighbour’

It is a joy whenever I help my neighbour. The joy that comes from the love of God. The joy of serving others, of loving others, the joy which is possible through a relationship with Jesus.

What is this joy about? Why is it that whenever I help my neighbour I am joyful?

Whenever I help my neighbour I am doing it to Jesus. This is what this joy is about.......of loving Jesus. It is true that at times it is not easy to love your neighbour, to help your neighbour. But when you do it for Jesus, it is possible, that results in a joyful experience and a peaceful moment.

Oh, how I would love to see other people love their neighbour. Oh, how I would love to see other people experience this joy. This joy that is there for you, a gift from God for you to treasure, to live, to experience and to share with others.

The joy of helping your neighbour, is something you are to yearn for, it is the result of your love to Jesus. Jesus, who is waiting for you, to share this Joy with you, loves you dearly.

Go, and love your neighbour. 


May 2014


Everyday is an important moment in life. Each day we face many decisions to make, we meet different people, and we have different opportunities to love.

How are we living the days of our lives? Are we living a life were we do not care about the person next to us? Are we only inerested about our own interests? Are we really loving the way Jesus taught us to love?

Everyday is an opportunity to give this love of Jesus to others. Everyday.......if only each day of our lives are truly lived through His love. Everyday would be a gift to others!

Yes.....it is possible that each day be a gift to others.....only if we live through His love....increase our faith in Him.... spend time in prayer.....seek Him in our lives....and trust Him more in each situation of our lives. Everyday would be like paradise.....everyday would be lived with Him.

Go give His love to others. Make each day in other people lives a treasure, a gift, to know Jesus in a personal way.

Jesus is the way to live each day of our lives.


 April 2014

‘My Neighbour....’

My neighbour.....my neighbour is a divorced person, my neighbour is a drug addict, my neighbour is unemployed, my neighbour is disabled, my neighbour is lonely, my neighbour is Jesus.

My neighbour, am I loving my neighbour, am I reaching to the needs of my neighbour? Do we really love Jesus, and express this love by loving our neighbours? My neighbour is a gift to me, I am a gift to my neighbour, through His love we are a gift to eachother.

Remember that what we do we are doing it to Jesus. Jesus is found in my neighbour. This is a real opportunity to love Jesus.......by loving my neighbour.

Be encouraged. Every present moment of your life is an opportunity to love. Every person you meet during the day is your neighbour....remember that person is Jesus! Jesus is waiting for you. Jesus loves you in a personal way.

In return to Jesus love towards you, all you have to do is to love your neighbour.

My neighbour is Jesus!

 March 2014

‘Always following His Love’

Love......most probably the most used word in the world. Every nation, every person, all media, throughout history, the word love has always been important.

But what is love, what is the real meaning of it? What is the best interpretation of this word? How many books must one need to read to understand love?

Love......the true meaning of this word is found by the actions and what Jesus taught us. Jesus taught us to 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’......and to ‘Love your neighbour as yourself' (Matthew 22:36-40). This is what love is all about...this is what we are to do.....this is the real meaning of love.

A lot of people do not live the true meaning of love, with the consequence of lacking peace. Following Him, is the way to understand love, to live it in the fullness, to have the peace in your life, to love your neighbour, to love God. One is to always follow Jesus, to follow His love.

Living your life by having this personal relationship with Jesus, is living your life in love. Jesus is the way to show you what true love is all about.....and He will show you to follow His love.....by loving each person you meet in every moment of your life.

February 2014 

‘Mary....the Mother of Jesus’

Mary, an example to all, of how to love, to care, to forgive, to do the will of God. The 'yes' of Mary to God is an example to all, to do everything out of love, for Him........for us.

Mary, an example to all, to imitate, to follow, to embrace her in our life, to show us the way to Jesus. Mary, that suffered, that cried, that trusted in Him, the Mother to all.

Mary the Mother, that helps us towards Jesus, will help us to follow Him and to say that 'yes' to Him. Pray to her, to intercede for us, to help us to increase our faith and be strong in our 'yes'. Pray to her, that our relationship with Jesus increases, to love more our neighbour, to be like her to serve, to bring peace.

Remember, that Mary will always be there for us, whatever the situation in our life is, she will help us to embrace Him. Imitate her in your life, get to know her more, and be encouraged to say that 'yes' to Him.

Mary......will take you to Jesus.


 January 2014
‘The desire for God’

The desire for God is written in the human heart, because man is created by God and for God; and God never ceases to draw man to himself. Only in God will he find the truth and happiness he never stops searching for.....(source: the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Chapter 1.I.27).

This is the continuous search that people throughout their life do....the search for God....the desire to know Him. Through Jesus, the Son of God, we are able to get closer to God....to have this personal relationship with Him.

But where can we find God? Where is God in today’s world? How can we fulfil our desire for God?

We can meet Jesus in every moment of our lives. Jesus can be met in the poor person, the prisoner, the beggar, in any of our neighbour. In every person Jesus draws us closer to God, because in that person there is Jesus, and if we love that person we are loving Jesus, and by loving Jesus....He draws us closer to God.

So rejoice, because in every person you meet, you have the opportunity to meet Jesus, that in turn will draw you closer to God.

Your desire for God, depends a lot by loving your neighbour!


December 2013


'The crib for baby Jesus'

Christmas is once again with us. The joy that baby Jesus was born.......and through Him Salvation was possible.

This month we should make an extra effort to really let Jesus be in us, live in us, live in others. The crib for baby Jesus is that He lives in our hearts.

Jesus has taught us how to love, the love that brings peace in families, between nations, that brings peace in our hearts. The best Christmas present is to give Jesus to others, where there are arguments between married couples.....let there be peace, where there are wars between nations.....let there be peace. Jesus is the source for all peace.

We are encouraged to really do our best, all of us are able to make it happen, that is to know Jesus and let Him in our hearts. Ask people who have experienced Jesus, who really give their heart as a crib for baby Jesus , what it means to have Jesus in your heart.

This is the difference in life......a life of peace through Jesus or a life without Jesus that is without peace.

Happy Christmas to all and may the crib for baby Jesus be your heart.


November 2013

'Precious Life'

Our life is very precious. Everyday of our lives is an opportunity to love.....to love the people around us.

Every situation is a challenge to love, to love our neighbour as Jesus loved. This is a challenge to be taken up by all, by every race, by every nation, by every individual. A challenge that brings hope, to nations...to everyone.

Life is precious....as Jesus showed us how precious it is. Through His Love, salvation is there for all, without any exceptions, but only if we love. To love is to give Jesus to others.

So the challenge for all of us is to love. To love in every situation.

Life is precious. Life depends on the love we give to others, the love to salvation.


 October 2013

‘All you have to do is always to Love’

Everyday and in every moment of our lives we are called to Love.  Love is to be given to others in every situation we find ourselves in.  In the good experiences and even in the difficult situations we are to give Love to others.

It sounds easy…..but it is not that easy to do.  The Good news is that it is possible, that you give this Love to others.  This is possible through the Love of Christ……the Son of God.

Jesus is calling each and everyone of us to give His Love to others.  You can be that instrument, through Jesus Love, so that you give His Love to others.

Jesus is calling you, to love everyone, without any exceptions, just to Love, Love and Love.  I pray that you be able to overcome every hurdle you face that hinders you from Loving.  Always remember, that Jesus Loves you, and that through His grace you are able to Love the people you meet everyday.

So go, all you have to do is always to Love!


September 2013

‘Love is the source of Peace’

Everyday we listen to stories about wars, fights, killings, injustices, hatred etc.  All of these are a result of a lack of love between people, which as a consequence it seems that peace is hardly to be found.

Everyday many stories are happening about, forgiveness, helping the needy person, giving shelter to a poor person, visiting prisoners etc. All of these are a result of love between people, which as a consequence brings peace to the person.  Unfortunately, these stories are not popular in the daily news, but for the person who expressed and received this love…….these actions have been very important indeed.

Love is the source of Peace.  People are to love one another through the Love of Jesus. The Love of Jesus which poured Peace to the people of all nations.

This Love is the love which each one of us are to give to others, help your neighbor, care to your parents, visit the sick. There are endless ways how to Love, endless opportunities to Love, and endless situations to Love.

Always remember, only to Love the way as Jesus Loved us. Remember that when Loving your neighbor you are Loving Jesus, and when you Love Jesus you are Loving your Neighbor.

Love is the source of Peace. Are you Loving to bring this Peace?  


 August 2013

‘Trusting Him in my life’

Trusting Jesus in our life might seem for certain people that it is beyond oneself.  One might have many questions how this is done, if it is possible!  Over the years I have personally lived the experience of trusting Jesus in every day of my life.

The turning point in my life of trusting Jesus was when around 23 years ago I felt the calling to be a missionary, that is to evangelise God's love to the nations.  It was a challenge to let go of my securities in life, my parents, my work, my firends etc.  But in Him, when I turned to Him and told Him you have to take care of all my needs, since that particular day I have experienced His constant love to me.  He took care of me in a personal loving way.

This personal care I experienced was not only during my time as a missionary, but also in the following years in my married life.  He continued to take care of me and my family.  This was possible by totally trusting my life to Him, through prayer, building this personal relationship with Him, and by loving my neighbour.

My experience is a challenge for each of you, that you can also do it, and live a life through His daily personal care for you.  A life that whatever the days are if rainy or sunny you know that He is always there by your side, in Love.

Believe me, trust your life to Him.


July 2013

‘Share Jesus love’

In different occasions in our life we have heard of people experiences of what Jesus love means to their lives.  We have heard people believing and trusting in Jesus after experiencing Him personally in their lives.

Jesus makes a big difference in people’s life.  I have experienced this personally, and for this reason I try my best to share Jesus love with others.  Through my daily living I try to share Jesus love with my family, friends, at my workplace, in the parish, at the grocer, and in other occasions during the day. 

Today, Jesus is still making a big difference in people’s life.  We are encouraged to share this love of His with others.  Many people have still not heard of Him, desire to know Him, waiting for people to share about His love.  People are waiting for you to share His love with them.

There might be people reading this reflection who have still not know Jesus in a personal way, others might know Him personally.  I believe that Jesus wants us all to know Him personally.

Thank God that Jesus made a difference in your life, and so do share Jesus love with others.

If you are in doubt about this, ask Jesus to show you His love through others.


 June 2013

‘Give His love to others’

Being loved by Him, is the love to give to others.  The love of Jesus is not to be kept to yourself, but is the love to give to others, that is your neighbour.

Loving other people is a way to spread the Good News, that Jesus is Lord.  You can give the love of Jesus to others by helping the people in their needs.  These people could be working with you at your daily workplace, your family and relative, the shopkeeper, the street cleaner, and many other people whom you meet in your daily life. 

For sure, all of these people need some kind of help in their daily life......maybe a smile from you to help them be encouraged and not lose hope, maybe helping the old person to cross the road, or maybe sharing some helpful thought with regards to life problems.

You can be Jesus to others in many different ways.  Through your different kind of acts of love to others, they can experience His love in a personal way.

So, give His love to others, to the people you meet every day.


May 2013

‘Know that He loves you’ 

Reading this reflection might not take long for you.  In two minutes, the most, you are able to read it.  It is very easy to understand, but it might be a bit challenging, or very challenging!

You might not need to be a very knowledgeable person, for this reflection will address your heart!  Just a simple question..... ‘Do you know that He loves you?’ 

Do not answer from any books you have read, what you heard from another person, but only answer in a sincere way.... from your heart!

God loves you in a very personal way.  Maybe you have already accepted this love of His, but maybe you struggle to understand this, or do not believe that He loves you.

Through this short reflection, just pause for a moment, and let your heart want this love of His.  You are worthy to experience His love, you are worthy to be loved by Him, you are worthy and know that God loves you.

So, thank God that by reading this short reflection He gave you the opportunity to ‘Know that He loves you’.

Do you Love Him?


April 2013

‘He made a difference’

Many people search for real happiness and peace in their lives.  There are people that managed to find this real happiness and peace.  Where can one find this happiness and peace?  Is it possible to have such happiness and peace?


Happiness and peace is only possible through Him.  This real happiness and peace is found through Jesus, the Saviour.  This is my experience of life, as He made a difference, and brought happiness and peace to my life.

The world offers lots of things which are not real happiness and peace.  Unfortunately, many people fall for these, and think that they have found it all.  But what they find, is not real happiness and peace, is not Jesus the Son of God, but a life away from loving God.

Be encouraged, and do not let the world lead you astray from finding the real happiness and peace.  I have found the real happiness and peace, and He did make a difference.  So let go of the worldly things, get hold of Him, and He will show you the way.

Jesus made a difference.


March 2013

‘I belong to Him’

What political party do you support?  What football team do you follow?  To whom do you belong to? 

Many times we hear these statements and we answer accordingly.  I support ‘that’ political party and follow ‘that’ football team.  But whom do you belong to??

I belong to Him, to Jesus, God’s eternal Son made man, "will save his people from their sins".  The name "Jesus" signifies that the very name of God is present in the person of his Son, made man for the universal and definitive redemption from sins.  It is the divine name that alone brings salvation, and henceforth all can invoke his name, for Jesus united himself to all men through his Incarnation, so that "there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved." (1)

I belong to Him, and am a witness of His daily love to me.  This daily love which He also gives to you in a personal way.  Have you realized how much He loves you?

I belong to Him, whom do you belong to?

(1) Quoted from the ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’, part 1, section 2, chapter 2, article 2, paragraph 430 and 432.


February 2013

‘Jesus makes me rich

Do you know someone who is really rich, and can buy all the things which his heart desires?  Have you ever wished that you can be like that person, no problem of buying things, and have whatever you want?

It is true, that being rich you are able to buy many things which your heart desires.  But by buying all the things which your heart desires, does that fulfills your life of being rich?!

Having a rich-full life does not depends if you are material rich or not, it all depends of having a personal relationship with Jesus.  A relationship that through His love, you are able to appreciate life more.  You are able of loving your neighbour in a new rich-full way, trusting Him through faith that He provides through your relationship with Him, and that He shows you the way.

A relationship with Jesus, is what people need, is what society thirsts for.  Jesus is the way for each person.  Jesus is the way to make you rich.....in the spiritual realm. 

Jesus makes me rich.


January 2013

‘Jesus in my neighbour’

Everybody in this world wants to be loved.  If we do not love, if I am not being loved, there would be emptiness in the world around us.  Love is to be sincere, genuine, and real.  This love is the love of Jesus, the love He gave to the world.

We are to love everyone, in other words our neighbour is whom we are to love.  And here is the challenge.  How am I to love someone whom is difficult to love?  How am I to love someone who has only shown hatred?

The secret of how to love, is by knowing Jesus in a personal way.  Knowing Him is knowing His love, is knowing how to love.  He has loved everyone by dying on the cross.

My neighbour, is Jesus.  When I love my neighbour I am loving Jesus.  I am to see Jesus in my neighbour.  Only by loving Jesus I am able to love my neighbour.

Jesus is my neighbour. Am I loving Jesus?  Am I loving my neighbour?

December 2012

‘Increasing my Faith

What is Faith all about?  Is it possible in today’s world to have Faith?  Many people argue that Faith is outdated, old fashioned, not for the young people and so on.

Faith can never be outdated, old fashioned and so on.  Having Faith is possible.  Having Faith makes a person complete, makes the person whole.  A person having Faith, is a person being spiritual close to God.

Faith is based on living your life in a close relationship with Jesus Christ the Son of God.  My Faith has increased over the years, because I have always sought to live this particular relationship with Jesus.  Yes, reading books about Faith, listening to a talk about Faith has also contributed to increase my Faith.  But for sure the most important is to have this personal relationship with Jesus, for He has increased my Faith and made me whole.

A personal relationship with Jesus helps me to live each moment in my life through His Love, His Grace, His Peace and His Comfort amongst others.  This relationship has helped me increasing my Faith, making me able to live fulfilled and not just ‘exist’.

Be encouraged, have Faith in Him, and let Him increase your Faith during the coming year.  This is possible through your relationship with Jesus, ...... by praying.

 November 2012

‘Getting to know Jesus’

Many books, articles have been written about Jesus.  Many films about Jesus have also been done.  Also, on the internet one can find endless information about Jesus.  All these can help or disrupt you from getting to know Jesus.  This depends solely if the source is genuine or not.

Getting to know Jesus in a personal way is possible by building a personal relationship with Him.  A relationship built through prayer, and of sincerely seeking Him in your life.  Pray, pray, pray to really know Jesus in a personal way.  Pray to Jesus that He may guide you about the Truth and to reveal to you His Love.

Knowing Jesus makes a big difference in life.  Be encouraged and know that there are millions of people who really know Jesus and are living a fulfilled life through His Love.

You can also be one of those people who know Jesus.  Pray, get to know Jesus, and live a fulfilled life. 

October 2012

‘Trust Him’

Have you ever trusted someone with something that is very important to your life?  Maybe it was difficult to find a person whom to trust.  Or, maybe for some kind of reason you find it difficult to trust someone?

Maybe you needed to be comforted and never found that person whom you could share with and trust.  And over the years you have never managed to find comfort, help, and guidance to your life, because of lack of trust.

For sure there are people whom one can trust to help you with your life.  You need to do your part and ask for help.

Have you ever thought of the person by the name of Jesus?  I know that He really can be trusted.  Try and contact Him.  Well, he doesn’t have a mobile or an email account to get in contact with.  But you can always pray to Him for some advice about life. 

Trust Him…….He will answer you!

September 2012

‘Jesus overcomes all struggles’

At times we struggle with different things in life.  Maybe for some reason we struggle to go to work….or we struggle to love our dear ones!  Maybe we also struggle with our faith and find it difficult to believe in Jesus.  We struggle to forgive!

These struggles together with others make our life burdened and weary.

We need to understand that all our struggles have been dealt with by Jesus when He died on the cross for us…for you.  Maybe we also struggle to understand this and to believe it.

Maybe all these are the result of not having a personal relationship with Jesus, of not letting Him be part of our life, of not giving Him the chance, of not spending time in prayer.

This is a reality which a lot of people are living….not letting Jesus be part of their life and trying on their own strength to overcome the struggles.  The result being the lack of real peace through love lived between people.

Today, Jesus is still the answer to overcome all these struggles in life.  We only need to Trust Him and in response He will show us the way.  

Jesus is waiting for you!


August 2012

‘Giving Jesus to society’

Today’s society puts a big challenge on our faith.  We might feel that our faith is threatened.

This is the challenge we are to face on a daily basis.  If built on a solid rock our relationship with Jesus will not break by any threat.  Our faith depends on our relationship with Jesus.

We are to be responsible to increase our relationship with Jesus so to strengthen our faith.  We are to find the ways and means to nurture our faith.  Deep in our heart, we know what we should do to nurture our faith, we know whom to seek, and where to go.  Jesus has told us what to do.  The question is, are we doing it?  Are we letting society influencing our faith?  Or, we are letting our faith influencing society?

Nurturing our faith is each person responsibility and is possible when one seeks Jesus in a personal way.  The love and peace that you receive from Jesus is a gift for you to give to others.  Giving Jesus to others, is giving Jesus to society, is changing society.

You are part of society, and have the responsibility to change society by giving Jesus!

 July 2012

‘Loving my neighbour’

Who is my neighbour?  Who is my neighbour I am to love?

Any person I meet during the day is my neighbour, and they are all deserved to be loved.  God loves each and every person I meet during the day, but, do I love them?

The truth if I am really living the gospel depends amongst others if I love my neighbour.  Yes, I can be hurt by my neighbour, but the test is, do I love them?

Forgiveness and reconciliation are important in my life if I really want to love my neighbour.  Loving my neighbour helps me to be closer to God.  Being closer to God helps me to live a life more in peace and in unity with the people I meet.

The fullness of my life depends a lot if I love my neighbour.  So the next time you are with your neighbour, ask God to help you to love that person.