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Address: -  Mr & Mrs Atapattu,  Peacehaven, 44 Dharmaraja mvt.  1st Lane 

There is also access via Louis Pieris Lane (first road on right coming up LouisPeries road from the Lake) up a flight of steep steps.
Phone 0812232584  (0094812232584 from overseas ) or 0718230290  mobile phone.

Email         peacehavenkandy@gmail.com

PeaceHaven is a small family (couple) run GuestHouse with 2 twin-bedded rooms

 2 bedroomed apartment 
details at bottom of page. Check for availability.

& a 1 bedroomed apartment which is currently long-term rented. (jan 2012)

And has views from its location on a high-ish hill above Kandy Lake away from the centre of town.

There are views of green forested mountains one way and the other direction in the distance (1km as crow flies) the town end of Kandy.

2 twin-bedded rooms

with large balcony overlooking Kandy area and green mountainous forest views.

Attached large bathrooms with hot and cold water.

Internet connection 24hrs available. (June 2011, not available but will be later)

Fan and mosquito net. Desk, chair and chest of drawers.


1000– 1500rs room   Depending on season and how many occupants.

During the Kandy Perahera time others charge 3 times more (i.e. 1000 = 3000) you might check to see if Peacehaven is still the standard costs.


Breakfast (various kinds, lots of fruit too) available. about 350rs (check this)

Tea available, Filtered safe water

Bottled water is available at the shops and is good, usually, from mountain springs.

Take aways and small restaurants about 5 minutes walk.

Restaurants about 10 minutes walk. And there is a British owned pub/restraunt also only 10 minutes walk - Slightly Chilled Lounge Bar and Restaurant(Bamboo Garden)  this is a review, google slightly chilled, he may have a website.

Getting to Kandy

From airport or Negambo or Colombo Taxi  about 6,500rs. At airport go to the tourist info desk or wait to be accosted, and you can get (feb 17th 2012) a taxi to Kandy for 6,500Rs (about$ 65).  Peacehaven has transport contacts too, usually. Expect it to go up to about 7,000rs - the cost of a fuel, diesel, for a Kandy trip from the airport (their return cost of fuel to be considered) has increased by some 750Rupees

Budget travellers or  public transport lovers.

Train has great views especially early morning.  Kandy - Colombo - Kandy okay,  Negambo could be


Bus from airport takes 4 and a half hours.  (shorter and less hassle to go to Kurunegala and change buses to Kandy. The Negambo or airport bus (same) can take forever (4 hour plus) stopping to pick up all and sundry).

3 wheeler to Negambo costs??? 600rs - check a few persons in different locations.

Bus is boarded in Negambo where some arriving people stay over night. Budget see Sunshine Guest house. Grotty but cheap.
Or stay SilverSands. Nice ,about Rs1500 or so.

Getting around once you are in Kandy

See 2 maps below.
1. slightly longer avoiding the steps: - From Town ask for Dharmaraja College on to (The Sri Lanka Cricket Captain) Sangakara's house.        -
This  is the shortest  way to walk from the lake.


Torch (can buy here cheaply)

Umbrella (cheap here because they make them close-by) both for sun if you like and for the rain.

Local amenities and attractions.

Good Restaurants and cafes and small local shops within 5 or 10 minutes walk.

Medical centre and hospital ½ Km away for all kinds of care including dental at economical local rates (7th Day Adventist funded medical centre).

Kandy Cultural centre with Kandy Dancing etc. within 1Km or less.

Buddhist Publication society a short walk (say 10 minutes).

Temple of the Tooth also within walking distance (10 or 15 minutes).

British Garrison Cemetery just above and  before the Tooth temple

Museum also.



One can from the Town Centre walking the other way round the Lake past the Tooth Temple (about 4 or 500meters no vehicles allowed and then there is a vehicle allowed road too) and further another ½ or 1 Km.

This way one passes the Tooth temple, the Kandy Cultural Centre (Kandy Dancing etc.) and a large restaurant, the Buddhist Publication society and various other possible attractions (the British garrison cemetery and a museum, and more restaurants up to the left).


See map (below  -  double click to enlarge)
Continue round the lake road  bordering the "Children Park" to Louis Peiris Mvt.
continuingup this road then turn right intoLouisPereis Lane for about 200 Meters to a gate on the right with Peacehaven sign. Continue through the gate and up to the top of the stone steps. 
                                                                                                                                                                The Black X marks Peace Haven
Peacehaven is accessible from 2 ways.
 You can walk from town to and from  Peacehaven on the North (upper, here) side of the lake - there is a barrier to traffic before the ToothTemple .
Therefore by 3 wheeler or taxi you have to follow the arrows on the map above - that is the south side of the lake - but the driver will know , of course,
ask him for dharmaraja college and then Sanghakara's (Landmark, people know this cricket man's house)  house and Peacehaven is about 200 meters further on.

When walking you do not have to go all the way to Dharmaraja College - simply go up Louis Pieris road (Mvt or mawatha means road) from the lake
go round the first sharp bend and take the first lane on the right. It should be marked as Louis Peris lane - continue for about 300 meters and look up to
the right, you should see a Peacehaven noticboard on the balcony of the guest house. Open the metal gate and go up the steps. 

If you come by vehicle then go the slightly longer way LouisPeries road (Mawatha) > Dharmaraja road > 1st Lane (indicated by the green numbers on the map belowotherwise you will have to climb a few steps.


Need continuity of dog- caring persons in the flat to oversee the wellbeing of some strays.

Animal / dog lover? A guest made this peacehaven site and is looking after - trying to catch and get sterilized 4 of the originally 14 + dogs all from the original puppy that was dumped by the rubbish bin here. He is leaving feb 2012, very likely so the doggies need some more help.

Also, if you would like to feed the parrot (and her kid but he is shy) she will take biscuits out of your hand. Whoops, she has gone missing but the son still comes - put the biscuit close and step back...

YouTube Video


Peacehave links:

Some Links to peacehaven guesthouse

The annex or flat is below and completely separate from the house above. 2 exits - 1 down to lake, the other up to Dharmaraja road and the Kundasale (Digana Pallekelle)  main road about 1km or less away.

Flat genuinely fully furnished. Not as the others often say, furnished by an English lady2010,   who left everything here when she returned to U.K.
A Korean lady recently left and I am here for the time being.

All sizes guesstimates.
overall size about 40 or 50ft by 15 or 18ft.
Lounge 15 x 15
2 Bedrooms 12 x 10 attached bathrooms 10 x 4.
kitchen 15 x 13

Floor is terrazzo. Good, not like the usual red stained cement skimmed floors elsewhere.
Ceiling fans all round although it is cooler here than many places as the roof is not open to sun.

Lounge with 3 piece suite (settee and easy chairs, coffee table/s desk, cupboard, book case etc.)

Large kitchen, newish fridge/freezer, chest type deep freezer, popup toaster, iron..., 2 ring gas cooker,
saucepans/frying pans,new filters in a water filter, various crockery and cups.

Bedrooms both with attached bathrooms -  hot-water showers.
1 bedroom has double bed with what seems to be a v. thick new orthopedic (therefore very comfortable and could probably support an elephant) built in cupboard with dressing table or desk, mirrors etc. and various other furnishings.
Other bedroom has 2 single beds and some furnishings.

Balcony all round front, sunbed!
Internet connection (computer too if they want it) working well.
Wired for t.v. in all, I think, rooms. Theres a satellite dish - lots of wiring and so presume it could be hooked up easily for t.v. etc. The last guest only used internet.

As with anything else they can say if anything is wanted and it will be obtained.  If you ask in advance then the place
should be immediately ready with little need for chasing around buying could also stock the fridge although
you may like to shop to see Kandy etc. or eat out at the cafes and restaurants close by.

The house may be able to supply occasional meals and any urgent shopping, if they are not too busy.
Anyway I, recommend the place more than anywhere I have stayed for 30 plus years in SL.