Peace Games National Conference 2007

Boston: Saturday June 30 - Monday July 2nd








With generous support from the Germeshausen Foundation, Peace Games welcomed 84 members of the Peace Games Network to Boston this past summer. Participants represented 16 Peace Games schools in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, as well four colleagues from Colombia (where Peace Games is being adapted in 23 rural schools).

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National Conference Report.

Participants at this year's Conference traveled many miles (the longest commute was nearly 24 hours), represented many years of experience (a conservative estimate puts the collective tenure at more than 250 years in the classroom!), and left us all feeling veryinspired.

The Peace Games Institute Staff want to thank each and every person who participated. A special thank you goes to this year's Conference Coordinator, Caitlin Murphy, who this year will begin her first year teaching high school history in Boston.

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