About Us

Who we are, what we do, and how you can help

Peace Games, Inc.
National Office
280 Summer Street
Mezzanine Level
Boston, MA  02210

Peace Games empowers children to create their own safe classrooms and communities by forming partnerships with elementary schools, families, young adult volunteers, and community partners.

To empower children with the knowledge, skills, relationships, and opporutnities to be peacemakers; to engage all community members to support children as peacemakers; to inspire a new generation of educators and activists; and to change the way society thinks about violence and young people.


About the Peace Games Network

Peace Games in a national non-profit organization committed to empowering young people as peacemakers through a comprehensive, school-based program model. Schools that have partnered with Peace Games are eligible to join the Peace Games Network. We currently have partners in Boston, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. In addition to working with our schools in the United States, Peace Games recently participated in a pilot program involving several elementary schools in rural Colombia.

About TeachPeace.net

During spring 2007, Peace Games is pleased to pilot a version of its interactive website, TeachPeace.net, with educators in the Peace Games Network. TeachPeace.net is designed to connect hundreds of teachers across the country by giving them the opportunity to share best practices, pose questions, and share resources. If you have questions about the site or suggestions about how it could be improved, please contact us.

Teacher Advisory Group

In order to conduct outreach to teachers about the site, improve usability, and recommend improvements for TeachPeace.net at the 2007 National Conference, Peace Games launched the Teacher Advisory Board - a group of teachers across the country who suggest and add content and assess user-friendliness from a teacher perspective. Current members include Eric Gray (kindergarten teacher at Mission Grammar School in Boston), Janeat Brown (fifth grade teacher at PS 208 in New York), and Catherine Ferraro (third grade teacher at the Lowell School in Chicago.