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The Effects of the French and Indian War on Fort Massachusetts. 

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Because of the French and Indian War, twists of fate for the creation of Fort Massachusetts were established. During the time of the French and Indian War, Massachusetts did play a role to the affects of the War and its outcomes. Lord Jeffrey Amherst was a general during the War. He took a victory over the French in Louisbourg. The town of Amherst, Massachusetts, was named after Lord Jeffrey Amherst. People in Amherst also helped along Shay's Rebellion.  This led up to events that took place in our own hometown, and affected the areas around us greatly. The people in the area began to feel that it was necessary to have some sort of protection during this age of war. Plans to build a Fort were created, and eventually, Fort Massachusetts stood proud and tall near Williamstown, Massachusetts. 


 The above image is Amherst, Massachusetts, during the time of the French and Indian War.