-Fort Massachusetts-

The French and Indian War, Early Settlement, and the Fort


-French and Indian War

-Early Establishment


-Present Day Fort

-Ephraim Williams 


The French and Indian War began in 1752 because of land tensions and trade. The French were moving towards the West into the Ohio River Valley and upset the natives in the area. In 1754, the first battle fought was the Battle of Great Meadows. The battle only lasted fifteen minutes. War was declared officially in 1756 in Europe. During the French and Indian War, living in settlements in the colonies could be dangerous. As a result of this, Forts began to be built for protection. One of the Forts used in Massachusetts, was Fort Massachusetts. Fort Massachusetts was built in 1754. The Fort was burned to the ground and then rebuilt again. Ephraim Williams was in charge of the Fort. As the French and Indian War progressed on, Fort Massachusetts was used to protect this area. As time moved on, Settlement in the area began to grow. 


Below is a picture of a plaque dedicated to all of the soldiers who fought long and hard in the battles of Fort Massachusetts.