Voga Yoga Meditation


When you check in at Peace Hotel you receive one free complementary pass to VOGA.  VOGA is a blend of Vietnamese Tea Ceremony, Local Culture mixed with either Zen Meditation or Hatha Yoga. 






VOGA is a small gathering of visitors to Dalat. Voga mixes Vietnamese Culture & local tea with a relaxing session of Meditation or Easy Yoga Stretches. 


VOGA was created by Dylan Ardan, a former college lecturer who now lives and works in Dalat.  Dylan is passionate about Asian & Vietnamese culture and he invites you to try out a session of local tea, culture, meditation and easy stretches.  He extends special welcome for those who have never tried meditation or yoga before.





1. VOGA YOGA:  Body & Mind Exercise

An introduction to basic stretching and balancing techniques found in Yoga & Vietnamese Tai Chi. We start with a Vietnamese tea ceremony, then enjoy a relaxed session of mindful breathing, followed by a few stretches &  simple poses.  The exercises will increase your energy levels.   Don’t worry if you are not flexible or have never tried.  We go at your own pace and level.


2. VOGA MEDITATION: Mind Exercise

An introduction to mindfulness, inner bliss and creative visualization.  Perfect for beginners or advanced who want to experience Meditation in Dalat. We begin with a Vietnamese tea ceremony & mindful breathing. VOGA fuses Vietnamese Zen Buddhist techniques with Western meditation.  Take control of your mind & have fun. This will increase your awareness, activate creativity & will boost happy thoughts.


WHEN?        Check weekly schedule for times and dates.  About 1 hr in duration.




For Meditation: Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.  Sometimes during meditation your body temperature might drop so bring an extra shirt, sweater, fleece or blanket.


For Yoga: Again whatever is comfortable. T-shirt, shorts, bathing suit or loose fitting pants.  If you have extra towel or blanket bring it along.  Do not worry about not having right gear.  Just find anything that is clean and join us!