About Dalat

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Dalat, also Da Lat, located in the South Central Highlands of Vietnam, was originally the playground of the French who built villas in the clear mountain air to escape the heat and humidity of the coast. Dalat is a quiet town in the south central highlands of Vietnam, about 300 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, and is set in a landscape dotted with lakes and blanketed with pine forested hills and jungle covered valleys. It was first established as a hill station by the French, and many of the fabulous villas they built are still here. The cool climate, clean air and escape from the heat and congestion of Saigon provide the perfect setting for the adventure sports, touring and chilling out from a busy trip.The good news about that the town it is not over-run with tourists like some other cities in Vietnam.



Dalat is a break from the heat and offers tasty highlands cuisine you can enjoy

fruits and vegetables at the local marketwhich are not available elsewhere in Vietnam (avocados, sweet potatoes and berries!).  Also, farming in Dalat is all organic, allowing you to eat with abandon and not worry about what damaging pesticides we might be consuming.



Dalat's high altitude (1500-2000 m) and fertile landscape make it one of Vietnam's premier agricultural areas. In fact, in markets as far north as Hanoi, vegetable and flower vendors will tout their "made in Dalat" produce. At an altitude of between 1,500 and 2,000 meters the cool, hilly terrain is fantastic for mountain biking, trekking, canyoning, kayaking, rappelling and rock climbing. Trips cater to everyone from the inexperienced beginner, to the experienced pro looking for a challenge. We also have extended adventure itineraries for those looking to head further into the central highlands, down to the national park in the south, or over to the coast.



Once you arrived in Dalat, we were greeted by numerous touts all wanting us to stay at their hotels. Head straight to Peace Hotel.  If you call us we will come pick you up or just take Xe Om (Hugging Bike for about 10,000 Dong, less than 1 US dollar) As Lonely Planet says at "Peace Hotel" you can easily find the Easy Riders there.  The Easy Riders are a group of motorcycle guides who will drive you around on a customized tour of Dalat, the Central Highlands and/or the rest of Vietnam.  You can book few hours, day trip or even a 5-da Central Highlands tour.  The Easy Riders are a group of thirty motorcycle guides that operate out of Dalat. An exclusive group of expert riders and guides that offer the simple day trip and more extensive trips that take you through the Central Highlands of Vietnam.  This is the way to see Vietnam!  Rather than be herded on to a bus to visit the touristy coastal towns, you hop on the back of a motorcycle and head to the more restricted, unspoiled highlands.  It's just like the movie Easy Rider except without the drugs, rednecks and shooting.  O.k., so it's nothing like the movie, but IT'S COOL!