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Melissa Update: 10/6/2008

posted Oct 9, 2008, 6:04 PM by Terry c
Dear Friends,

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Melissa was discharged from Health Bridge Children's Rehabilitation Hospital today and arrived home about 5:00 p.m. We rejoice that she is finally back home … something she and we have longed for for months.

God did answer prayers. Melissa is really a miracle. She was hospitalized for 223 days, has gone through 15 surgeries and has suffered a lot of pain. But the Spirit of God has anointed her with power and joy. Melissa smiles constantly every day. We owe that all to God's mercy and grace plus the prayers of so many of you who faithfully lifted her and us in your prayers.

I ask you to continue to pray for Melissa. She still has faces two major surgeries. One is the surgery to replace her left skull which had been removed to allow her brain to swell and not be damaged. The second is the heart surgery where her damaged heart valve will be replaced.

Prayer Requests

During the past three days Melissa has had three episodes of bad vomiting and complains that her heart feels uncomfortable. Last week she had some bleeding in her stomach due to high acidity and was prescribed an antacid. Please pray for Melissa's heart and stomach.

Our insurance company is not willing to cover home nursing care, so we'll need to take over the duties of feeding her, giving her medicine, changing her diapers, etc. This is not easy, so please pray that Marlene and I will have the ability and strength to handle this work well.

God bless you all, and thank you for walking with us through Melissa's journey.

In Him,