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Welcome Back to school!

We are excited to welcome students and our community back to school! The PTO is determined to make our last year at Peabody Elementary the best year and have many fun events planned. Please stay tuned, we will regularly be updating the PTO website as these events unfold.

Questions? Please contact us:

As a PTO Executive Board we are excited to help support Peabody and the community. Please reach out to any of us with questions:

PTO President: Carla Brown

Vice President: Valerie ReWalt

Treasurer: Troy Cowling

VIPS team:

Molly Oates, Lead

Kathy Foss-O'Hare, Assistant Lead

Barbara Nicholas, Coordinator

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  • Peabody’s PTO is responsible for representing our entire school community in determining how our funds are used. With this being our last year, we are less focused on fundraising than we have been in previous years. We are in the process of identifying additional needs and plan on providing a glorious send off for the kids, staff, and community who have supported us for all these years. As always, we will be sure to communicate how PTO funds will be used once we have more information from the school.

  • Why do we fundraise for Peabody?

As a Parent Teacher Organization, we believe our students deserve a rich education experience that goes beyond what public schools can offer due to limited funding. We fundraise because we care. In the past PTO funds have paid for classroom and COG materials, curriculum items, additional technology items, and additional staffing.

  • How do we fund-raise at Peabody?

At Peabody we have traditionally used a variety of fundraisers, including a Run4Funds, a book fair, an annual auction, and other activities. This year our fundraising will be much less as we will not need to plan for future school years. Our plan is to have Run4Funds again this year as the kids enjoy it so much and were unable to participate last year due to COVID. Our annual auction, which has historically been our largest fundraiser, will not happen this year.

  • What will happen to any remaining funds when Peabody closes?

Any remaining funds at the end of the year will be transferred to the Lenski PTO as the new home school for the Peabody community.