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Voice keyer

During the PACC contest there was a need voor a voice keyer.
Loking for commersinal voice keyers and some homebuild voice keyers.
it was not what i wanted.
So i deceded that this must be mij first home build project.
The compersinal and some home build usese the ISD2500 voice ic's.
since the ISD2500 series are opsolite this was not a good starting point.
contact with the local suppler he adviced the ISD1700.
This was the starting point.
To give it a modern look and feel a display and one butten was added to the design.
I had no experiance with programmiing a controller.
bought a training kit from microchip with the 16F690 controller.
First thing i did was learing how to control a microcontroller.
added a LCD and the Rotry encoder and as last the ISD1700.
Afhter lots of trail and error finlay a was a able to control this all. 
the last fase was building a PCB this is a project on it own i can tell.
Picture of version 1 of the PCB
This one is the base of version 2 (never bluid) and version 3 to be build,


Img of Version 2 of the PCB

Image of version 3 of the PCB

Subpages (2): V0.9 V1.0
Rijk van Harn,
2 Jan 2011, 04:10