Stone Tiger Martial Arts

Traditional Arts coupled with Modern Understanding


     Welcome to Stone Tiger Martial Arts!  We are a school in Vancouver, Washington that takes pride in preserving the spirit of traditional Chinese Martial Arts as taught and practiced by great teachers before us.  We strive to provide quality training and personalized attention for each student.  Our focus is on helping everyone develop their own unique potential in a fun and safe environment.  Come and see how traditional kung fu is supposed to be taught and feel the benefits of real Chinese Kung Fu!

    We offer excellent instruction in the three Internal Arts of Kung Fu- Xingyiquan, Baguazhang and Tai Chi Chuan in the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon areas.  What makes us different that other schools is that our instructor has studied these arts exclusively for many years and even traveled to the Wudang Temple in China to perfect his practice.

    When many people think about Kung Fu, they only think about movies with unrealistic self defense techniques and wild actions.  But Chinese Kung Fu has evolved over more than 5,000 years into many different styles that promote health, longevity and most importantly self defense.  There are many methods for promoting health, but Chinese Kung fu is the oldest and most developed.  We focus on creating a strong, healthy body that moves with full range of motion before we focus on self defense.
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    Our main goal for our school is to spread traditional Kung Fu in a positive and enjoyable way.  The old way of teaching was in a low key and friendly atmosphere, but that has been completely lost these days in most schools, replaced with a military style order where the student isn't allowed to grow or think for themselves.  We solve this problem with smaller classes and better relationships with the teacher and other students.  Your personal progress is what is most important here, and we strive to make sure each student understands what is being taught and knows how it will help them achieve their desired goals.  We know everyone has different things they want to achieve while practicing Kung Fu, and that is the emphasis of training at Stone Tiger Martial Arts.  We help each student reach their physical potential while at the same time helping them build strong bonds with other students.

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