Avoiding Power Struggles

This workshop explores a variety of means of avoiding and diffusing power struggles with children.

Participants will learn how to establish firm limits while at the same time learn how to support
a child's need for competency and respect. Participants will also learn how not to sabotage their own discipline efforts and how to listen to a child's feelings in ways that accepts their emotions and diffuses the power struggle.

 2 hours

A 2 hour time frame for each workshop allows for adequate discussion and voluntary role playing.

All workshops are based on the curriculum, Taking Charge: Caring Discipline that Works at Home and at School, 4th ed. by JoAnne Nordling, M.S., M.Ed.

Please contact the Parent Support Center at 503-796-9665 or at pscpdx@gmail.com for more information on bringing a Caring Discipline workshop to your community.