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The McGovern/Feingold bill would require the president to develop a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan.   The bill has about 91 cosponsors in the House, none in the Senate so
far. Sen. Feingold is planning to offer the bill as an amendment to the supplemental war funding bill in the Senate. Contact your Legislators

We need to make sure that Obama closes the Guantánamo mistake:
President Obama missed his January deadline to close the base he inherited. He must safely release and resettle detainees cleared for release,
and try the rest in our court system rather than using illegal military commissions.    
Prevent Preventative Detention: Indefinite detention plans created under Bush are unconstitutional and unacceptable.
Prosecute War Criminals: CCR's cases have uncovered evidence that Bush administration officials tortured and murdered in our name.
President Obama must follow the law and have an independent prosecutor investigate and prosecute those who are responsible.
Stop Outsourcing Torture: The President has continued Bush's policy of rendition, the forced transfer of a person to another country to be detained, interrogated and potentially tortured, only relying on "diplomatic assurances" to ensure transferred prisoners will not be tortured.  This is not acceptable.
Ban the Use of Mercenaries: Despite evidence of grave human rights abuses, Obama has supported the expanded use of largely unaccountable private military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistanl.  It is time to cut off taxpayer funds from these enforcement arms who work for the interests of transnational economic cartels.  Too often, the interests of these cartels contradict the best interests of the American people.  Make President Obama deliver on the change he promised.
Please support the Center for Constitutional Rights' cutting-edge work to restore our rights and narrow the gap between what's legal and what's just.

Wall Street has not learned its lesson from the nation's economic crisis and the resulting loss of 11 million jobs. After taking $700 billion in taxpayer bailouts, choking off credit, and doling out billions in executive pay and bonuses, its only response has been to hire more corporate lobbyists to preserve the status quo.

We need Congress to put an end to the risky practices that led to the financial crisis. For too long, working Americans have been playing by the rules while the banks and financial industries have been ignoring the needs of Main Street.

It is time for Wall Street to:
  • Pay its fair share to help restore the jobs it destroyed;
  • Stop opposing accountability and reform efforts; and
  • Start creating jobs by lending to communities, small businesses and others in need of credit.
  • Call your senators and urge them to support Wall Street reform.


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