PowerDVD 8 Ultra: Enable HD-DVD!

Cyberlink has removed HD-DVD playback from their latest version of PowerDVD Ultra. You can now re-enable HD-DVD playback by adding and replacing only seven files. See the screenshot above for further proof!

This little trick works because beta versions of PowerDVD 8 did include HD-DVD playback, and the files in these betas can be used to re-enable HD-DVD playback in the retail version.


Don't believe me?

Check out these links for more information:



So how do I do it?

 Simple. Just download powerdvd8ultra_hd-dvd.rar from one of the links below and follow the instructions included in the readme.txt, or this guide written by Digital-Digest:



What's missing?

Autoplay won't work. There is information and files that you can download through the forum.slysoft.com link above that will fix this.