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Recent Thought

4 areas of interest:

  • Information. What is it? How best to conceive of it. Its philosophical context.
  • Embodiment. Must thought be embodied physically? Is disembodiment possible?
  • AC. Artificial cognition. What are its components? What will it take to build one? A philosophical perspective.
  • Learning. How are the dual modes of learning related?
AC is the integrating component, the overall model to which the other issues relate. The cognitive abilities of humans and of a synthetic cognition (SC) might be rather different from one another. For instance, we might give an SC a great memory (computer-like) with no forgetting, we might want to deny it any emotional states, we might want to expand its sensory capabilities, and so on.
Philip Duchastel,
5 févr. 2015 à 07:58