Philip Duchastel 

            CV of Dr. Duchastel

Now retired, I spend my time in 2 different cultures: USA and Italy. Intellectually, I focus on philosophical questions, some perennial, some more concerned with current times.

Off to Vermont...

Et à Québec.

Urbino e Trento nel 


Sicilia, Napoli, Amalfi, Lucca e Toscana nella primavera del 2012

2013: Sicilia e colline pisane in Toscana

2014: Todi in Umbria

2015: Mantova, Verona e Lucca

2016: Mantova e la penisola sorrentina

Flights of Philosophical Fancy

Grins and grunts of thinking through
our human condition

Recent Themes

Principles of Being : The Universe in a nutshell!

Civics Etc.   

Ideas for a better life 

and other follies 


Touring New England and Québec 
in 2010 and 2011

A Good Last Few Years ... My end-of-life blog for thoughts on this important passage, as I glide through these forthcoming years.