Documentation Support Services Terms & Conditions
Communication: All projects are handled entirely by e-mail, postal mail, and on-site written proposals.
Contract: A contract is required for all projects. Work on a project cannot begin until PDQ Technical Canada receives a signed contract and a deposit valued (including applicable taxes) at 50% of the signed contract.
Payment: PDQ Technical Canada's fee is payable using Cash, Credit (Visa, MC, Amex), bank account or the client can send a cashier's check or money order through postal mail. Whichever method the client chooses to use, work on the project will not begin until the agreed upon payment (deposit) is received.
Payment Terms: PDQ Technical Canada's fee is payable for 50% of the signed project value (including applicable taxes) in advance, with 25% of the balance due halfway through the  project and the remainder due upon completion and before final delivery. The client can cancel the project at anytime and agrees to forfeit all funds already submitted. There is a $45.00 service charge (fee) on any and all returned checks, for any reason, no exceptions.
Additional Charges: Any additional expenses (airfare, mileage, vehicle rentals, accommodations, all meals, etc...) incurred by PDQ Technical Canada for a project will be billed to the client and the balance must be paid in full before the day of commencement of work.
By Hour Fee: Projects billed hourly are according to the amount of minutes and hours PDQ Technical Canada spends on a project and includes any time researching, background reading, interviewing.
By Page Fee: Projects billed by the page are according to the number of pages PDQ Technical Canada agrees is set and required on a project and includes any time researching, background reading, interviewing, reviewing and/or editing.
By Word Fee: Projects billed by the word are according to the amount of words PDQ Technical Canada agrees is used or required on a project and includes any time researching, background reading, interviewing, reviewing and/or editing.
By Project Fee: PDQ Technical Canada will set a price for the completion of a project. By project fees include 2 edits.
Refunds: PDQ Technical Canada is unable to provide refunds. We will work with client before the start of project to ensure the information provided is mutually satisfactory and signed off upon the agreement of the contract.
Negotiating Fees: PDQ Technical Canada will not revise its quotes like other companies. We understand that you want to conduct business right away and are looking for the best value for your dollar. We respect that and we are the same way. We quote you our best rate. While we don't negotiate, we will take something of value off the table in exchange for a reduced fee.  
Revisions: Revisions may be considered at the discretion of PDQ Technical Canada provided they are (a) assigned within 7 days of receipt of receiving information and (b) not based on changes in the project made after the information is submitted.
Preferences: PDQ Technical Canada reserves the right to decline any project offered that promotes or encourages any activity that goes against our corporate ethics policy and beliefs.
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