Current Position: Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Industrial Engineering, P.Universidad Católica. Santiago, Chile

Previous Position: Research Economist at the Research Department at the Inter-American Development Bank. (2018-2021)

I use applied econometrics methods combined with different sources of large administrative databases to address important questions in public policy. My research interests are Program Evaluation, Economics of Crime, Labor Economics, Immigration, and Social Policy that impact poverty and social inequality in general.

You can download my CV here.

Contact Information

Name: Patricio Domínguez

Address: Avenida Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Macul - Santiago, Chile.

Phone: +56 (2) - 354 - 9819


Current Research

Crime-differential responses to an environmental shock: Evidence from blackouts (with Pedro Rodríguez).

Presented at ALCAPONE Workshop, the Economics of Crime Online, U.San Andrés, IDB- Research Group.

Discrimination Against Immigrants in the Criminal Justice System: Evidence from Pretrial Detentions (with D.Vergara and N. Grau).

Presented at the Economics of Crime Online Seminar and Berkeley Development Economics. [Under Review]

Immigration, Crime, and Crime (Mis)Perceptions (with Nicolás Ajzenman and Raimundo Undurraga)

IZA Discussion Paper No.14087. [Revise and Resubmit AEJ-Applied Economics]

Talk or Text? Evaluating Response Rates by Remote Survey Method during COVID-19 (with Amaral, S., Dinarte, L., Perez-Vincent, S., Romero, S.)

CESifo Working Paper No. 9517 [Under Review]

Op-Ed at World Bank Blog "Let's talk about development".

Where are the missing emergencies? Lockdown and healthrisk during the pandemic (with Jorge Ale-Chilet and Juan Pablo Atal)

PIER Working Paper No. 20-016. [Under Review]

Publications - Book Chapters

[12] The Effect of Sentencing Reform on Crime Rates: Evidence from California’s Proposition 47 (with Magnus Lofstrom and Steve Raphael)

In A Modern Guide to the Economics of Crime. (Eds). Buonanno, P., Vanin, P., and Vargas, J. (2022). [link]

IZA Discussion Paper N.12652.

[11] Immigration and Labor Market (Mis)Perceptions (with Nicolás Ajzenman and Raimundo Undurraga)

American Economic Association: P& P, 2022, vol 112, 402-08. [link]

[10] Crime-Time: How ambient light affects crime (with Kenzo Asahi)

Accepted, Journal of Economic Geography. [link]

Related Op-Ed at Ideas Matter [Español] [English]

[9] Combining Discrimination Diagnostics to Identify Sources of Statistical Discrimination (with Nicolás Grau and Damián Vergara)

Economics Letters, 212 (2022), 110294 [link]

[8] Trust and the Effectiveness of Public Policy (with Bridget Hoffmann and Verónica Frisancho)

In Trust: The Key to Social Cohesion and Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean. (Eds) Keefer, P., and C.Scartascini. (2022) [English] [Español]

[7] Long-Term Gains from Longer School Days (with Krista Ruffini)

Forthcoming, Journal of Human Resources [link]

Research Insights [English] [Spanish]

[6] Pleading for Justice: Bullpen Therapy, Pre-Trial Detention, and Plea Bargains in American Courts (with Amy E.Lerman and A.Lewis)

Crime and Delinquency, 68 issue: 2 (2021): 159-182 [link]

[5] Victim Incentives and Criminal Activity: Evidence from Bus Driver Robberies in Chile

Accepted, Review of Economics and Statistics [link]

Podcast Interview: Probable Causation [link]

[4] Employment Loss in Informal Settlements during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Chile (D. Gil., E.Undurraga., E.Valenzuela).

Journal of Urban Health 98 (2021): 622–634 [link]

[3] Crime and Justice in an Unequal Society

In The Inequality Crisis. Latin America and the Caribbean at the Crossroads. (Eds) Busso, M., and Messina, J. (2020) [English] [Español]

[2] The Role of the Cost of Crime Literature in Bridging the Gap between Social Science Research and Policy Making (with Steven Raphael)

Criminology & Public Policy 14.4 (2015): 589-632. [link]

Commentaries: Daniel Nagin, Steve Aos, Dan A. Black, Robert M. Solow and Lowell J. Taylor, Charles F. Manski, Michael Tonry, Brandon C. Welsh and David P. Farrington

[1] Identification and Characterization of Vulnerable groups: Some elements to consider risk (with C.Rodríguez, E.Undurraga and J.R.Zubizarreta).

In Camino al Bicentenario, Propuestas para Chile. Ediciones Universidad Católica de Chile. Cap X, pp 305-329 (2008). (In spanish)

Works in progress

Helping Families Help Themselves: (Un)intended Consequences of a Digital Parental Program (with S.Amaral, L.Dinarte and S.Pérez)

Presented at the NBER Development Economics Program, Nov 2020.

AEA RCT Registry. February 01.

World Bank Policy Resarch Paper 9850. [link]

Willingness to pay for crime reduction: Evidence from six countries in the Americas (with C.Scartascini)

The effect of air pollution on student absenteeism (with Krista Ruffini)

The impact of pretrial detention on health-related outcomes (with Nicolas Grau, Adrian Mundt, and Jorge Rivera).

Crime displacement and the geographical distribution of criminal activity (with Kenzo Asahi)