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Welcome to ncfan51's super-awesomely awesome guide for Paint.NET newbies. Paint.NET is a freeware image editing program for Windows, based on the .NET framework. It is designed to be so easy to use, even complete idiots could "create something..." But GFX masters could also use it as well. However, it must be admitted that even such a wonderful program such as the aforesaid (Man, I love that word :) ) Paint.NET can be confusing at times. So this page has been compiled to just give some hints. Please note that this Tips and Hints page is ever growing. This also includes tips for the Paint.NET forum.

  • It is always a good idea to get in the habit of hitting [ctrl+s] every once in a while. Paint.NET doesn't have an autosave system, so this may come in handy.
  • Get in the habit of listing your source images. I nearly forgot this once, and I could've been disqualified.
  • PLEASE SEARCH! (I'm not really going to explain this one; I consider it a bit selfexplanatory...)
  • Follow the rules. Posting in these forums is a privelege, not a right. I mean C'mon people, Rick has put it on the top of the page in capital letters...I don't think it could be any more obvious.
  • Harness the power of gradients! No seriously, they're one one of the easiest tools to use, and as mega-GFX Master usedHonda once said "You can never have enough gradients...Unless they're some ugly color, like pink and green"
  • Learn about blending modes. Yes, I know that there are few good, in depth tutorials about them, but using them is the key to becoming a GFX MASTER!!!:) My favorite one is multiply :p
  • Read as much of the help guide as you can. No really, this isn't like those disgusting help guides that you get from Microsoft.



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