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  I have been asked several times how I made my signature. So, I have decided to make a tutorial right here!

This is what we'll be making:

You will need:

Borders N' Shapes plugin

Ed Harvey Effects

Outline Object Plugin

Paint.NET v3.10

El & Font Gohtic font

Let us begin!

1. Open Paint.NET. Using the Paintbucket tool, make the background "Black"

2. Use the Borders N' Shapes Plugin with the following parameters:

3. Use Polar Inversion Effects>Distort>Polar Inversion with the following parameters:

Amount: 120

Quality: 7 (turn this down if you have a slow computer :)


4. Use Glass Blocks Effects>Distort>Glass Blocks with these settings:

Scale: 130 (You can change this to your liking)

Amount: 40

Quality: 4 (You can turn up the quality if you have an uber-computer)

<tough part>

5. Ok, here comes the tough part. If you don't have a sharp mind, I suggest you wait a while before trying this. Use the rectangle select tool to select an area with a bounding size of 500x150.

Clicky, Clicky for a better view!

6. Use the Move Selection tool (NOT THE MOVE SELECTED PIXELS TOOL!!!) to move the selection box to what you consider is the coolest part of the image. Then hit [ctrl+shift+x].

</tough part>

7. Make a new layer [ctrl+shift+n] Select the Ellipse Tool. Make sure the box at the left of the tool toolbar is set to "Draw Filled Shape" (see below) Make your primary color white, and make a cutoff rectangle at the top.

8. Go to the layer properties (see below) and set the opacity to 60%.


9. Flatten [ctrl+shift+f]

10. Add a new layer [ctrl+shift+n]

11. Select the text tool, and set the font to "El & Font Gohtic" (you can use a different font if you like) and write "(example)" WITH THE PARENTHESES. You can choose the font size, BUT MAKE SURE THAT IT DOES NOT REACH THE EDGE OF THE CANVAS, as we will make a border later. The color of the text should be white.

11. Set your primary color to red.

12. Use the Outline Object Plugin Effects>Outline Object with the following parameters:

Width: 40 (You can adjust to your own tastes)

Softness: 255


If you are following along it should now look like this:

13. You can stop here if you want, or you can add an uber-cool border!

14. Flatten [ctrl+shift+f]

15. Add a new layer.

16. Select the Rectangle Tool. Set the mode to "Draw Shape Outline" (remember how we changed it to "Draw Filled Outline" a while back?) and the Brush Width to 1. Make sure the primary color is a "Light Grey". Draw a border (as big as you want) around the parameter of the sig.

17. Use the Magic Wand tool to select the area on the outside of the border. Go back to the Background Layer, and Gaussian Blur Effects>Blurs>Gaussian Blur to your liking (I recommend 15-25)

18. With the selection still active, Add Noise Effects>Add Noise with the following settings:

Intensity: 25

Color Saturation: 70

19. Deselect. [ctrl+d]

20. Flatten [ctrl+shift+f]


Huzzah! You are done!




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