Our Mission

  • Phi Delta Kappa is an international association for professional educators. The organization's mission is to promote quality education as essential to the
  • development and maintenance of a democratic way of life. PDK offers innovative programs, relevant research, visionary leadership, and dedicated service.

Founded in 1906, PDK now has over 123,000 members and over 660 chapters scattered across the United States.  There are also 13 international chapters (in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Korea, Belgium, Thailand, Italy, Okinawa, the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Spain, and Bermuda.)  Members include teachers and administrators at the K-12 level, college and university faculty, undergraduate students who have reached the student-teaching level, graduate students, and specialists from other education fields.  Included in this group are many leaders and policy-makers in education. 

Phi Delta Kappa is active at all levels of education.  The commitment that binds us together is the desire to promote quality education at all levels for children and adults.

Phi Delta Kappa, Taiwan Chapter, is committed to these ideals.

For more information about the international organization, visit http://www.pdkintl.org . 

Meeting Minutes are found on the Photo Album page now.