The Education component consists of:
Scholarship - NSPDK presents national, regional, and local chapter scholarships.  The sorority awards scholarships to a male and a female graduating senior in each of the five regions.  Sorority members matriculating in an accredited doctoral program are eligible for sorority fellowships.  In addition, achieving KOT's in each of the five regions may apply for scholarship assistance.  The Perpetual Scholarship Foundation is the affiliate of NSPDK that underwrites the National Scholarship Program.
Teach-A-Rama is designed to acquaint teachers, parents, and the community-at-large with various aspects of the field of education.
Early Childhood Education focuses on the provision of meaningful learning experiences for pre-school children that will improve their readiness for school and subsequent scholastic achievement.
The Literacy umbrella includes academic skills centers that supplement classroom work by providing opportunities to enhance proficiency in such areas as reading, math, language arts, science, social studies, technology and African-American history.
Other aspects of the Education sector are Professional Development, the Commission on Civil Rights and Legislative Affairs and Leadership Development.