MY PAGE... my e-portfolio...


Week 1:

  • I created accounts for ning, joelogs, elggspaces and podomatic that will be used throughout the semester.
  • i was informed that our web design class will be focused on creating a social software.


Week 2:

  • I created my diagnostic webpage using notepad and html codes. Creating that webpage gave me some headache, especially when my image does not appear on the website! Thank God I was able to do it somehow.
  • I commented on finella’s podcast about 70’s – 80’s music.
  • I created my webpage at joelogs.elggspaces.
  • I added some rss feeds on my personal resources.



Week 3:

  • I read this essay about friendster and myspace and we also watched a video about myspace, and its entire hoax.
  • I answered the questions about the essay.
  •  I changed the look of my page in the creativity and innovation page, but I returned it to the default look and feel of my page.



Week 4:



Week 6:




Week 7:

  •  I created my e-portfolio, with a summary of the things that we did in the web design course.
  • i added some rss on my google homepage
  •  i took the cq test and got the score of 16. i personally think that it was a low score. but that's what i got, so i have to deal with it..haha:) i think, somehow that cq test was right, i am having a hard time doing things with other people, but i really try my best to cooperate with other people.

Week 8:

  • we downloaded GIMP. and i edited my first picture. on my picture you will not see any difference but i made another one.
  •  i posted my first podcast about chocolates

Week 9:

  • we used GIMP again to edit a picture. this time i think my edited image is better than the one i did last week.


Week 11:

  • we created an account at blogger and here's my blog!
  • we added chicklets
  • we added a feedburner to our own blogs

Week 12 and 13:

 Week 14:

  • i created an account at explode.
  • i wrote a blog on how it works compared to mybloglog
  • it was definitely easier to use than mybloglog.

 Week 15:

  • i created an account as an associate at amazon
  • i also created an account at clairol and sir yuv asked us to try the "try it on studio". i tried different hairstyles on the models and they ended up looking stupid
  • i also tried creating a flash player through flashbuilder and here's my unfinished business from that site