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PDIG Structure

The structure of PDIG comprises three groups;

  • the Advisory Committee
  • the Working Group 
  • the Management Group
PDIG Advisory Committee: 

The remit of the PDIG Advisory Committee is to consider the medium term challenges to the market and advise PDIG on the broad direction which PDIG should be taking.  Membership comprises senior individuals with a view on where the market might evolve to over the medium term and individuals from market sectors with current or potential participation in the property derivatives market.

Will Robson of PRUPIM is the Chair

Members of the PDIG Advisory Committee are shown in the table below

PDIG Working Group: 

The remit of the PDIG Working Committee is to take forward the PDIG agenda though delivery of PDIG initiatives, including publications and breakfasts.  Membership comprises individuals with detailed personal experience of the property derivative market, from a broad a range of types of participant.

Will Robson of PRUPIM is the Chair

Members of the PDIG Working Group are shown on the Group's page (click on the highlight)

PDIG Management Group:  

The remit of PDIG Management is to take forward the day-to-day, more administrative matters affecting PDIG, to support and smooth the operation of PDIG and external communication on behalf of PDIG. 

Members are Nick Scarles, Will Robson and Sue Forster, with Colin Barber for matters affecting the website.

PDIG Subgroups: 

There are currently two specialist subgroups dealing with Property Companies and Residential.  Click on the highlight to go to the page.

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Ian Cullen IPD  
Iain Reid Protego  
Paul Robinson CBRE  
Paul McNamara PruPim  
Rawle Parris ING Bank  
Simon Carter British Land  
Anne Breen Standard Life  
Mark Kildea Liberty International  
Andrew Baum   
Colin Barber   
Louise Ellison Investment Property Forum  
Robert Page AlphaBeta Fund Management Chairman Residential Subgroup 
Tony Yu ING  
Will Robson PRUPIM Chairman  
Showing 14 items