Robert E. Howard


Robert Ervin Howard (1906-1936) ranks among the greatest writers of action and adventure stories. He died at a very early age.

 He was the creator of Conan the Barbarian, Kull of Atlantis, Solomon Kane, Red Sonya, Sailor Steve Costigan, Bran Mak Morn, Breckenridge Elkins and many other memorable characters.

Howard (known as REH to his millions of fans), in a career that spanned barely 12 years, wrote well over a hundred stories for the pulp magazines of his day. While he is widely regarded as the ‘father of Sword and Sorcery’ and the creator of Conan the Barbarian, this reputation has been something of a double-edged sword. It has helped keep his work in the public eye for six decades since his death, but it has also obscured the astonishing breadth of his imagination, his talent for mastering a variety of genres and his ability to weave his magic in both prose and poetry.



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18. Weird Tales Magazine.  - Skull-Face

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25. Conan - The Hour Of the Dragon

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29. Solomon Kane  -  The Moon Of Skulls

30. Conan - The People Of the Black Circle

31. Conan - The Phoenix On the Sword

32. Conan - The Pool Of the Black One

33. Breckenridge Elkins  - The Riot At Cougar Paw

34. Conan - The Scarlet Citadel

35. Kull of Atlantis  - The Shadow Kingdom

36. Red Sonya  - The Shadow Of the Vulture

37. Conan - The Slithering Shadow

38. Sailor Steve Costigan  -  The Slugger's Game

39. Sailor Steve Costigan  -  The TNT Punch

40. Conan - The Tower Of the Elephant

41. Conan - Wings In the Night

42. Bran Mak Morn  - Worms Of the Earth



From     [Mostly Conan Stories]


1.  Conan - The Tower Of the Elephant


2.  Conan - The Slithering Shadow


3.  Conan - The Scarlet Citadel


4.  Conan - The Pool Of the Black One


5.  Conan - The Phoenix On the Sword


6.  Conan - The Jewels Of Gwahlur


7.  Conan - The Hyborian Age


8.  Conan - The Devil In Iron


9.  Conan - The People Of the Black Circle


10.  Conan - Rogues In the House


11.  Conan - Beyond the Black River


12.  Conan - Black Colossus


13.  Conan - Shadows In Zamboula


14.  Conan - A Witch Shall Be Born


15.  Conan - Shadows In the Moonlight


16.  Red Sonya - The Shadow Of the Vulture


17.  Almuric

18.  The Fire Of Asshurbanipal - In the story the Lovecraft mythos we get a ping from another author. Robert E. Howard mentions the Necronimicon and the Arab Al Hazred in this tale of the scary and mysterious



From LibriVox:

  1. Solomon Kane – Red Shadows  (Short Story of the Puritan Avenger)
  2. Solomon Kane - Rattle of Bones  (4th Story in the LibriVox Horror Story Collection 002)
  3. Solomon Kane - Skulls in the Stars  (6th story in the LibriVox Horror Story Collection # 003)
  4. Bear Creek Collection 01  (The Western Adventures of Breckinridge Elkins)
  5. Bear Creek Collection 02
  6. Gods of the North or The Frost Giant’s Daughter - Conan Story (3rd story in Ghost Story Collection 006)
  7. Rattle Of Bones  - Solomon Kane Story (8th story in Ghost Story Collection 006)
  8. Skulls In The Stars  - Solomon Kane Story (10th story in Ghost Story Collection 006)
  9. The 9:30 Up Train  (1st story in Ghost Story Collection 004)
  10. Red Nails - Conan the Cimmerian pursues the beautiful and deadly pirate Valeria after she kills a Stygian only to find himself cornered by a dragon. Apparently this dragon doesn’t know who he’s messing with. The pair then encounters the city of Xuchotl with its warring factions and ancient secrets. Swordplay and sorcery ensue. – Red Nails is Howard’s final Conan story and was published in the July, August, September and October 1936 issues of Weird Tales magazine 
  11. The Devil in Iron - Conan's lustful desires again get him into a whole pile of trouble. This time the beautiful, golden haired, noble born Octavia, lures him into a fiendish trap set by his most powerful enemies and from which there seems to be no escape. But on the long deserted island of Xapur where he goes to capture this crafty beauty, it is not just mortal enemies that await him; Khosatral Khel a demon that crawled up from the abyss many eons ago and is of a substance as hard as iron has been awakened and is intent on crushing Conan and the woman like bugs for it's amusement. Conan is up against a being immensely stronger than he is and which he cannot kill with normal weapons. 
  12. The Hour of the Dragon - The Hour of the Dragon, also known as Conan the Conqueror.  It was one of the last Conan stories published before Howard's suicide although not the last to be written. The novel was first published in serial form in the pulp magazine Weird Tales in 1935 through 1936.
  13. Jewels of Gwahlur - Conan The Barbarian is after fabulous treasure in this exciting story. But he finds himself in more difficulties than he had counted on. Crafty and powerful human opponents seek to skin him alive, bestial mutations seek to rip his arms off, denizens of the deep want to devour him whole and scantily clad dusky beauties try to waylay him at every step. And all of this to find the Jewels of Gwahlur, the most fabulous treasure every hidden in a secret temple.  
  14. The People of the Black Circle - "The People of the Black Circle" is one of the original novellas about Conan the Cimmerian, and first published in Weird Tales magazine in three parts over the September, October and November 1934 issues. It is set in the pseudo-historical Hyborian Age and concerns Conan kidnapping a regal princess of Vendhya (pre-historical India) and foiling a nefarious plot of world domination by the Black Seers of Yimsha. Due to its epic scope and atypical Hindustan flavor, the story is considered an undisputed classic of Conan lore and is often cited by Howard scholars as one of his best tales. It is also one of the few Howard stories where the reader is treated a deeper insight on magic and magicians beyond the stereotypical Hyborian depiction as demon conjurer-illusionist-priests. 
  15. Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast - Conan finally meets his match in Belit, the fierce, bloodthirsty and scantily clad pirate Queen. She also is unable to resist the huge, blue eyed, iron  barbarian who literally sweeps her off her feet. Together they become pirates of legend and are the scourge of the Black Coast. They venture up the river of death where no one has gone in centuries and lived, in search of plunder, battle and adventure. And get get more of all three than they could wish for.
  16. Shadows in Zamboula - Despite a warning received in the Suq by an elderly desert nomad, Conan stays the night in a cheap tavern in Zamboula, run by Aram Baksh. As night falls, a black Darfarian cannibal enters to drag him away to be eaten. All of the Darfar slaves in the city are cannibals who roam the streets at night. As they only prey on travellers, the people of the city tolerate this and stay locked securely in their homes, while nomads and beggars make sure to spend the night at a comfortable distance from its walls. This night, however, Conan finds a naked woman chasing through the streets after her deranged lover; Conan rescues them from an attack by the cannibals. She tells him that she tried to secure her lover's unending affection via a love potion which instead made a raving lunatic of him. Promising Conan "a reward" in return for his assistance, they attempt to kill the high priest responsible for the man's madness. 
  17. Conan and Shadows in the Moonlight - For a genuine Conan tale, full of barbarian craftiness, magic, fierce fighting and his berserker strength, this meets every criteria and is one of the best. Conan was raiding with the Free Companions when they were trapped and slaughtered by the merciless Shah Amurath the great Lord of Akif. Conan is one of the very few who escape by hiding in the mud of the marshes like a beast living on raw snake and muskrat. 
  18. Beyond the Black River - Conan the Barbarian in this exciting story is selling his sword to one of the civilized countries to help in it's push to claim lands from the primitive Picts. The Picts are not excited about the idea however. Old gods and mythical creatures are called up by the Pict witches to contest the invading army and Conan finds himself battling for his life amid the blood thirsty hordes that include saber-toothed tigers, 40 foot long venomous snakes and a demon from another dimension who is intent on crushing him. 
  19. A Witch Shall Be Born - The kingdom of Khauran is admittedly small, but blessed with an abundance of rich soil, hard working inhabitants and much gold but most of all by a sweet young queen who is as wise and beneficent as she is beautiful. But then a horrible witch (her evil twin sister) secretly replaces her and introduces devil worship, human sacrifice and other things too repulsive to mention. Conan, who was the captain of her guard is captured and crucified in the desert. From there the incomparable story telling skill of Robert E. Howard takes us on a spiral of exciting intrigue, battle, blood, demons, and final retribution. 
  20. Gods of the North - The brief tale is set somewhere in frozen Nordheim, geographically situated north of Conan's homeland, Cimmeria. Conan is depicted by Howard as a youthful Cimmerian mercenary traveling among the golden-haired Aesir in a war party. 

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  1. 3 poems about Solomon Kane  (Click on MP3 URL)
  2. Conan the Barbarian Audio (Based on the first Motion Picture)  Go the very bottom of this link and click on the MP3 URL
  3. Robert E. Howard SFF Audio Authors Page
  4. The Black Stone - "The Black Stone" is a classic short story first published in the November 1931 issue of Weird Tales. The story introduces the mad poet Justin Geoffrey and the fictitious Unaussprechlichen Kulten by Friedrich von Junzt.  This story that can be considered part of the Cthulhu Mythos.  It is written as a mythos story rather than as simply a tale compatible with the Lovecraftian universe. It follows the same pattern and has the same features as H. P. Lovecraft's classic work, and it is an obvious tribute to Howard's friend and mentor, Lovecraft himself.
  5. The Thing on the Roof - An archaeologists, and book collector, is asked by an old rival to find a copy of the obscure first edition of Friedrich Wilheim von Junzt’s Nameless Cults. He may live to regret the favor. First published in the February 1932 issue of Weird Tales.


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  1. The Hour of the Dragon:   The Last Robert E. Howard Conan Story  

Conan struggles to overcome the dark necromancy that has cast him from the throne he won! He battles the dark and evil arts wielded against him in this chapter by chapter audio book production of Robert E. Howard's The Hour of the Dragon. The original work was published in four parts in Wierd Tales from December 1935 to April 1936, and later appeared as Conan the Conqueror (1950).

This Book was Howard's last Conan story, though other writers took the hero up.