Planet of the Apes 



(From Broken Sea)

Planet of the Apes:  Episodes 5 thru 14 

Episodes 1 thru 4


Based on the novel by Pierre Boulle and original screenplay by Michael Wilson and Rod Serling, this new audio series features additional scenes, original sound design and exceptional voice talent that bring the Planet Of The Apes to life in a whole new way.

Taylor and his fellow spacefarers are abruptly awakened to an unforeseen nightmare as their ship malfunctions and crashes on a strange planet.



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  •  Planet of the Apes
  • Beneath Planet of the Apes
  • Escape from Planet of the Apes
  • Battle for Planet of the Apes
  • Battle of Two Worlds
  • Dawn of the Tree People
  • Mountain of the Delphi
  • Volcano