Maxwell Grant - The Shadow


The popularity of a radio announcer – known as The Shadow – for Street and Smith’s Detective Story Hour convinced the publishing house to create a magazine for the character.

Street and Smith turned to newspaperman and magician Walter B. Gibson to bring The Shadow to life in the firm’s first character pulp magazine. Gibson, using the pen name Maxwell Grant, wrote 282 of the 325 Shadow novels.

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Originally From Marks Audio Narrative - Pulp

1.   Shadow Novel - The Living Shadow - The Living Shadow is the first Shadow novel. It sets the tone for all of the stories to follow. The Shadow recruits Harry Vincent and we learn with Harry about the Shadow’s remarkable organization and methods. The story is full of mystery as Harry gradually learns the real truth behind the Laidlow murder and the missing diamonds.


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Shadow Radio Programs:

1.   33 radio recordings of RKO's The Shadow, produced by Orson Welles between 1937 and 1938

2.  More The Shadow episodes.

3.  Two More The Shadow episodes:  "The Deathhouse Rescue" and "Murder By The Dead" 


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