Marion Zimmer Bradley


Marion Zimmer Bradley (1930 –1999) was an American author of fantasy novels.   Writing for over 4 decades, she is best known for her Darkover science fantasy series and her Arthurian masterpiece, The Mists of Avalon. She also edited anthologies for 14 years and published Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine.

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1.  The Door Through Space

At one time Race Cargill had been the best Terran Intelligence agent on the complex and mysterious planet of Wolf. He had repeatedly imperiled his life amongst the half-human and non-human creatures of the sullen world. And he had repeatedly accomplished the fantastic missions until his name was emblazoned with glory.


2.  The Colors of Space

Bart Steele, Space Academy graduate, is on his way home to his father’s business – he runs a fleet of spaceships for interstellar travel. The secret for fast interstellar travel though is still tightly kept by the alien race Lhari. An agreement between humans and Lhari has been made that permits humans only to travel in cold sleep as passengers aboard Lhari vessels as to not reveal the secret.

3.  The Planet Savers 

The Terran colony on the planet Darkover faces imminent destruction by a plague of the deadly Trailmen's Fever. The only hope is to develop a serum in time, but this requires the cooperation of the elusive native Trailmen, the brilliant parasitologist Dr. Jay Allison, and his split personality. 


4Year of the Big Thaw  (10th story from Sci Fi collection 016)

5.  Falcons of NarabedlaSomewhere on the Time Ellipse, Mike Kenscott became Adric of the Scarlet Tower, and the only way to return to his own identity was to find the Keep of the Dreamer, and loose the terrible Falcons of Narabedla. A classic novella by master science fiction writer Marion Zimmer Bradley, originally published in Other Worlds magazine in 1957.



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1Phoenix - A man is rather stressed when he discovers he has high level psionic abilities.

2The Day of the Butterflies - A farm girl working in Manhattan starts to imagine the city is be invaded by the