Louis L'Amour


Louis Dearborn L'Amour (19081988) was an American author of primarily Western fiction. He was of French-Canadian background, born in Jamestown, North Dakota. L'Amour's books remain enormously popular, and most have gone through multiple printings.

L'Amour was the most significant writer of the genre since the 1950s. His publishing numbers surpassed Frederick Faust (Max Brand), while his popularity rivaled Zane Grey. Hailed on one book cover as the 'World's Greatest Writer', L'Amour sold over 225 million copies, making him the third top-seller in the world (according to Saturday Review). L'Amour's books have been translated into dozens of languages and made into 30 films.

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1. Sixth Shotgun

2. The Road To Casa Piedras

3. Where Buzzards Fly

4. One For The Mojave Kid

5. The Town No Guns Could Tame

6. Riding For The Brand

7. To Tough To Brand

8. The Strong Shall Live

9. Turkey Feather Riders

10. Love and the Cactus Kid

11. Monument Rock

 B.  Strawhouse Trail


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  1. Black Rock Coffin Makers
  2. Desert Death Song
  3. His Brother's Debt
  4. Ride! You Tonto Raiders
  5. Trail to Pie Town
  6. Trap of Gold


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1.   Sackett’s Land [Sackett Series, Book 1] – Louis L’amour

Son of a feared fighting man, Barnabas Sackett inherited his father’s fiery temper, sense of justice and warrior skills. Declared an outlaw in his native England, Barnabas set his daring sights on the opportunities of the New World. The ruthless piracy of the open seas and the unknown dangers of the savage American wilderness lay before him. And so did the thrill of discovery and the chance to establish a bold new future if he survived.

Barnabas Sackett was on the run. The only trail open to him ran West. With a few fierce fighting friends and his courageous wife Abigail by his side, Barnabas began to carve a place for himself and his glowing family out of the harsh Eastern American landscape. Facing an unyielding terrain, forbidding elements and savage Indians Barnabas stood tall, staking a bold Sackett claim on the future.

Filled with exciting tales of the frontier, the chronicle of the Sackett family is perhaps the crowning achievement of one of our greatest storytellers. In The Warrior’s Path L’Amour tells the story of Yance and Kin Sackett, two brothers who are the last hope of a young woman who faces a fate worse than death. When Yance Sackett’s sister-in-law is kidnapped, Yance and his brother Kin race north from Carolina to find her. They arrive at a superstitious town rife with rumors” and learn that someone very powerful was behind Diana’s disappearance. To bring the culprit to justice, one brother must sail to the exotic West Indies. There, among pirates, cutthroats, and ruthless “businessmen,” he will apply the skills he learned as a frontiersman to an unfamiliar world … a world where one false move means instant death.


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