Lester del Rey


Lester del Rey(1915 – 1993) produced a considerable amount of fantasy and science fiction, both short and novel length, but he is perhaps best known in his role as editor. Along with his fourth wife, Judy-Lynn del Rey, he founded and presided over the Del Rey science fiction line and helped launch the careers of such authors as Piers Anthony, Katherine Kurtz, Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Stephen R Donaldson, and Barbara Hambly. In addition, del Rey served as editor (and assistant editor) for Fantasy magazine, SF Adventures, Space SF, and Rocket Stories among others. Although del Rey was considered at his best in the short story format, he wrote many novels, most notably Preferred Risk (co-authored with Frederik Pohl, 1955), Police Your Planet, and The Eleventh Commandment.

He was awarded the 1990 Grand Master Award by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America for lifetime achievement in science fiction and/or fantasy.


From LibriVox:

1.  The Badge of Infamy - Daniel Feldman was a doctor once. He made the mistake of saving a friend’s life in violation of Medical Lobby rules. Now, he’s a pariah, shunned by all, forbidden to touch another patient. But things are more loose on Mars. There, Doc Feldman is welcomed by the colonists, even as he’s hunted by the authorities. But, when he discovers a Martian plague may soon wipe out humanity on two planets, Feldman finds himself a pivotal figure. War erupts. Earth is poised to wipe out the Mars colony utterly. A cure to the plague is the price of peace, and only Feldman can find it 

2.  The Sky is Falling - After dying in a terrible accident at a building site, Dave Hanson finds himself being brought back to life in a world where magic is real, and where the sky is breaking apart and falling. And he is expected to put it back together again. Will he be able to save this strange world, and his own new life?

3.  Victory - Victory is the story of an undefended Earth in a warring galaxy. It appeared in the August 1955 issue of Astounding Science Fiction.

4.  Let'em Breathe Space - The old space freighter Wahoo is all Dr. Pietro can afford for his expedition to the rings of Saturn. Although built for a crew of 6 the good doctor crams 19 people into the Wahoo, and after 5 months they are really getting on each other’s nerves. Then someone starts killing people and poisoning the air giving plants in the hydroponics bay. Can our hero Paul Tremaine find the killer before he suffocates? Perhaps you should hold your breath. – Let’em Breathe Space was first published in the July 1953 edition of Space Science Fiction magazine.

5.  Dead Ringer  (5th story in Sci Fi Collection 30)

6.  No Strings Attached (6th story in Sci Fi story collection # 38)

7.  Police Your Planet - Bruce Gordon looked at his ticket, grimaced at the ONE WAY stamped on it, then tore it into bits and let the pieces scatter over the floor. He counted them as they fell; thirty pieces in all, one for each year of his life. Little ones for the two years he'd wasted as a cop. Shreds for the four years as a kid in the ring before that--he'd never made the top. Bigger bits for two years also wasted in trying his hand at professional gambling; and the six final pieces that spelled his rise from special reporter helping out with a police shake-up coverage, through a regular leg-man turning up rackets, and on up like a meteor until.... He'd made his big scoop, all right. He'd dug up enough about the Mercury scandals to double circulation. And the government had explained what a fool he'd been for printing half of a story that was never supposed to be printed until all could be revealed. They'd given Bruce Gordon his final assignment... 

8.  3 Sci Fi StoriesThe quirky mind of famous SF writer Lester del Ray gives us three wonderful tales ranging from zombies (Dead Ringer), time travel (how do you convince your earlier self it is safe to get into the time machine, eh?)(...And It Comes Out Here) and eternal life (The Dwindling Years).


 From Podcast Time Traveler:

1.   Spawning Ground   (Go to Show #12)