Kenneth Robenson - Doc Savage


Doc Savage has appeared in comics and movies, on radio, and as a character in numerous other works, and continues to inspire authors and artists in the adventure and fantasy realms.

The basic concept of a man trained from birth to fight evil was created by Street and Smith Publications executive Henry Ralston and Editor John Nanovic, to further capitalize on the success of their other pulp hero magazine success, The Shadow.  Ralston and Nanovic wrote a short premise establishing the broad outlines of the character they envisioned, but Doc Savage was only fully realized by the author chosen to write the series, Lester Dent. Dent wrote most of the 181 original novels, hidden behind the "house name" of Kenneth Robeson. (Will Murray wrote seven of the Savage novels published after Dent's death, also using the Robeson pseudonym.)


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From Marks Audio Narrative - Pulp

1.  Doc Savage Novel - The Birds of Death - Story was originally published in Doc Savage Magazine‘s October 1941 issue. It follows Doc Savage and his associates as they “battle strange yellow canaries whose mere song can kill a man and then bring him back to life!” This pulpy romp takes you from the streets of New York to the deepest darkest jungles

From Uvula Audio:

1.  Doc Savage Novel - The Man of Bronze  - This was the first of the Doc Savage Novels.  Clark Savage. Jr first appeared in March, 1933 in the first issue of Doc Savage Magazine. Clark Savage (or 'Doc' to his friends), had no special powers, but was raised from birth by his father and other scientists to become one of the most perfect human beings in terms of strength, mental and physical agilities. Setting up base on the 86th floor of a New York skyscraper (implied but never outright stated as the Empire State Building), Doc Savage fights against evil with the assistance of the 'fabulous five'. These five individuals consist of: Col. John Renwick ('Renny'), a six foot four inch tall engineer; William Harper Littlejohn ('Johnny'), a geologist and archaeologist; Maj. Thomas J. Roberts ('Long Tom'), an electrical wizard; Brig. Gen. Theodore Marley Brooks ('Ham'), an attorney (who carried a sword cane); and 260 pound, five foot, Lt. Col. Andrew Blodgett Mayfair ('Monk'), a chemist. All five of these men are experts in their field and assist Doc Savage on his adventures. 

2.  Doc Savage - The John Sunlight Saga, The Fortress of Solitude and The Devil Genghis -The deep mysteries of Doc Savage are finally revealed in the Fortress of Solitude. Fans demanded it back in the 1930’s and it was finally written by Lester dent in 1938. Doc comes up against Johnny Sunlight, a poetic genius of evil and the gruesome master of a thousand elements of screaming terror. Sunlight discovers the innermost secrets of the man of bronze, and as you can imagine the outcome will not be pretty Doc finds himself enmeshed in a diabolical web of dark horror as he valiantly battles the appalling machines of destruction that he himself created! This will be an epic battle for the ages. 

3.  Doc Savage - Resurrection DayImagine that you could bring back to life one famous important person. One historical figure. One person and one person only. Who would it be? Solomon? Madame Curie? St Paul? Walt Disney? Napoleon? George Washington? Now imagine that Doc Savage is in that very position . . . It is probably one of the weirdest and most improbable of all Lester Dent's stories, but it is still a fascinating idea—oh, and course, but it does not go quite as planned.