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The Rover Boys Audio Books

The Rover Boys Series for Young Americans was a popular children's book series of the early 20th century credited to "Arthur M. Winfield", a pseudonym for Edward Stratemeyer. A total of 30 titles were published between 1899 and 1926 and the books remained in print for years forward.
The original Rover Boys were brothers Tom, Sam, and Dick Rover. Their children (Fred, son of Sam Rover; Jack, son of Dick; Andy and Randy, twin sons of Tom) took over in the "Second Series" which began with Volume 21 The Rover Boys at Colby Hall, published in 1917. The elder Rovers continued making appearances in the second series.
In addition, there was a related Putnam Hall series of six books that featured other characters from the first Rovers series although the Rovers themselves do not appear.
The Rovers were students at a military boarding school: adventurous, prank-playing, flirtatious, and often un chaperoned adolescents who were constantly getting into mischief and running afoul of authority figures as well as criminals.
While often overshadowed by better-known and longer-running children's book series such as The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Tom Swift, the Rovers were highly successful and enormously influential. They established the template for all later Stratemeyer Syndicate juvenile series to follow.  It was Edward Stratemeyer's first series, and one of his favorites. Stratemeyer did all of the writing himself, rather than hiring ghostwriters.

1.  The Rover Boys at School - Arthur M. Winfield (A  pseudonym for Edward Stratemeyer) - First of the famous Rover Boys books by future Hardy Boys creator Edward Stratemeyer.  This is an introduction to the fun-loving teenage Rover Brothers -- Dick, Tom & Sam. Virtual orphans, they are sent by their prudish Uncle Randolph to a military boarding school and their adventures soon begin!

2.  The Rover Boys on the Ocean Arthur M. Winfield (A  pseudonym for Edward Stratemeyer)  - The hearty, all-American Rover Boys sail by yacht to Africa in search of their kidnapped father.