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Norvell Page - The Spider

The Spider was created by Harry Steeger at Popular Publication’s Pulp Magazine in 1933 as competition to Street and Smith Publications' vigilante hero, the Shadow. Similar to the character of The Shadow, the Spider was in actuality millionaire playboy Richard Wentworth (who had been a Major in World War One), living in New York and unaffected by the Great Depression. Wentworth fought crime by donning a black cape, slouch hat. Later came vampiric makeup or face mask and a hunchback figure with grizzled hair to terrorize the criminal underworld with extreme prejudice and his own brand of vigilante justice. Wentworth also went forth into the Underworld at times disguised as small time villain, Blinky McQuade, to gain information.  The Spider was published monthly and ran for 118 issues from 1933 to 1943.

The stories often involved a bizarre menace and a criminal conspiracy and were often extremely violent, with the villains engaging in wanton slaughter of literally thousands as part of sometimes nationwide crimes. The first two novels were written by Reginald Thomas Maitland Scott but they were slow paced so another author was drafted in with later stories were published under a house name, Grant Stockbridge. Most of the Spider novels were written by Norvell Page

The Spider in The CHOLERA KING (audio) - The Spider races to uncover a hidden terrorist as New York becomes a city-wide quarantine area, where the citizens chose between death by agonizing thirst or pestilent drink!
Death in its ugliest form ravaged America. An ambitious, clever madman, master of a far flung criminal empire, spread cholera germs through every rank and class of a large and totally unsuspecting populace. Numbed by terror, the citizens fled from certain death... while the police, baffled and powerless, campaigned relentlessly against the Spider, the only man able to save the stricken and bring the Plague Master to justice!

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