H. Rider Haggard


Sir Henry Rider Haggard  (1856 – 1925), born in Norfolk, England, was a Victorian writer of adventure novels set in exotic locations.

Haggard is most famous as the author of the best-selling novel King Solomon's Mines, as well as many others such as She, Ayesha (sequel to She), Allan Quatermain (sequel to King Solomon's Mines), and the epic Viking romance, Eric Brighteyes.

He created the famous adventure hunter Allan Quartermain. 

 Haggard wrote over 50 books, among which were 14 novels starring Allan Quartermain.

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From LibriVox: 

1.  King Solomon's Mines (The 1st Allan Quartermain story)

3.  She and Allan   (Allan Quatermain meets She – Who Must Be Obeyed)

4.  Heart of the World   (not a Quartermain story)

6.  Long Odds  (A Quartermain Story)

7.  The Tale of 3 Lions  (a Quartermain story)

8.  Allan's Wife  (Allan Quartermain's Wife)

9.  She (not a Quartermain book) [This is the famous "She-Who Must Be Obeyed!!"]

11. Colonel Quaritch, V.C.: A Tale of Country Life

12. Allan and the Holy Flower - Allan Quatermain seeks out a fabulous gigantic orchid presided over 
by a White Goddess guarded by a monstrous ape.  

13. Eric Brighteyes - The Saga of Eric Brighteyes is the title of an epic Viking novel. It concerns the 
adventures of Eric Brighteyes in 10th century Iceland. 

14. The Wizard - This novel is ”a tale of victorious faith." This story begins on a Sunday afternoon in an 
English church. Most of the book, though, is set in Africa, and the adventure story is as engaging as any of 
Haggard's African tales. 

15. The Ivory Child - Allan Quatermain's first adventure with Lord Ragnall

16. Black Heart and White Heart - A story of the courtship, trials and final union of a pair of Zulu
lovers in the time of King Cetywayo.

17. Magepa the Buck (8th story in short story collection 39)

18. Only a Dream (7th story in short Ghost story Collection 006)

19. Dawn (11th story in My First Book)

20. Lysbeth, A Tale of the Dutch - The novel takes place during the Spanish Inquisition and describes
some of the horrors that happened giving you an idea of what it was really like to live during that time period. 
Follow Lysbeth, a young Hollander girl, as she struggles through life enduring times of hardship and peace, 
sorrow and happiness, war and love.

21. The Brethren - Set in the days of the Crusaders, this books tells of a young maiden named Rosamund, 
and her twin cousins. Godwin is the grey eyed thoughtful man, and Wulf is the blue eyed warrior. They are both
knights of England and they are both in love with their fair cousin. But the riddle of the story is which does 
Rosamund love?

22. Pearl Maiden - This is the story of Miriam, an orphan Christian woman living in Rome in the first century. 
She falls in love with a Roman officer, but knows that her Jewish childhood playmate loves her too and will do 
anything in order to get her love in return.

23. Beatrice - Beatrice is a lonely twenty-two year old woman. After saving Geoffrey's life, they fall in love. 
However, Geoffrey is married. In addition, a local rich land owner wants to marry the beautiful Beatrice.

24. People of the Mist - Penniless Leonard Outram attempts to redress the undeserved loss of his family 
estates and fiancee by seeking his fortune in Africa. In the course of his adventures he and his Zulu companion 
Otter save a young Portuguese woman, Juanna Rodd, together with her nursemaid Soa, from slavery. Leonard 
and Juanna are plainly attracted to each other, but prone to bickering, and their romance is impeded by the 
watchful and jealous Soa. The protagonists seek the legendary People of the Mist, said to possess a fabulous 
hoard of jewels. Finding them, they immediately become embroiled in the turbulent political affairs of the lost race,
which is riven by a power-struggle between the monarch and the priesthood of its giant crocodile god. The heroic
Leonard can do little more than react to events. The action climaxes in a hair-raising escape by toboggan.

This is a superb sweeping romantic adventure story of how Alan Quatermain, hero of fourteen of Rider H Haggard's books, met, fell in love with and married his first wife. It is related from the perspective of old age and is set against the time of the Great Trek in the 1830s. The villains of the piece are truly villainous, Dingaan a portly traitorous despotic Zulu chief, and a Portuguese killer who constantly plots to kill our hero and steal his wife.
26. Fair Margaret - This story is set during the reign of King Henry VII. Peter Brome is a poor man and without a father, and is in love with Margaret the dark-eyed daughter of John Castell, the kindly and wealthy merchant who has taken care of him and raised him. Through a series of unfortunate events Peter has just killed a soldier, through self-defense it is true, however, the blood of the Spanish ambassador's men demands to be repaid. Now another man pursues fair Margaret the all-powerful Marquis d'Aguilar of Spain, who is traveling in England upon a secret mission for the Inquisition. Much more than love hangs in the balance.

27. The World's Desire - H. Rider Haggard and Andrew Lang (author of, among others, the rainbow coloured fairytale books) collaborate to lend their talent to one of the most fascinating and well known stories of all times. Odysseus returns home from the war, but does not find the peace and quiet which he craves. His home is ravaged, and his wife Penelope is dead. He comunicates with an old flame, the beautiful Helen of Troy, who sends him to his ultimate and defining last journey. Read about his adventures, and what might have been, in this beautiful novel by two of Britian's best Vctorian novelists.

28. Montezuma's Daughter - A moving adventure story narrated by Thomas Wingfield, an Englishman, for Queen Elizabeth 1 of England about the murder of his mother, his trail of vengeance against the murderer which leads him to the Spanish Inquisition, slavery, romance and living under Montezuma in his kingdom which is now called Mexico.