H.P. Lovecraft


Howard Phillips Lovecraft  (1890 – 1937), of Providence, Rhode Island, was an American author of fantasy, horror, and science fiction.

 Lovecraft's major inspiration and invention was cosmic horror: life is incomprehensible to human minds and the universe is fundamentally alien. Those who genuinely reason, like his protagonists, gamble with sanity. Lovecraft's protagonists usually achieve the mirror-opposite of traditional gnosis and mysticism, through momentarily, transcendently glimpsing the horror of the ultimate reality.

 Although Lovecraft's readership was limited during his life, his reputation has grown over the decades, and he is now commonly regarded as one of the most influential horror writers of the 20th Century, exerting widespread and indirect influence, and frequently compared to Edgar Allan Poe.


From LibriVox and Archive.Org:

  1. The Beast in the Cave  (1st story in Ghost Stories # 2)
  2. The Cats of Ulthar  (5th story in Short Stories # 7)
  3. The Doom that came to Sarnath  (3rd story in Horror Stories # 1)
  4. Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and his Family.  (9th story in Short Stories # 6)
  5. The Music of Erich Zann  (8th story in Short Stories # 7)
  6. Nyarlathotep  (8th story in Horror Stories # 1)
  7. Terrible Old Man  (9th story in Horror Stories # 1)
  8. The Tomb  (10th story in Horror Stories # 1)
  9. Five H P Lovecraft Horror Stories  (From LibriVox Horror Story Collection # 003)
  10. Collected Public Domain Works of H. P. Lovecraft     This collection contains 24 Lovecraft works that are in the public domain.
  11. Nyarlathotep  (6th story from Ghost Short Stories 005)
  12. The Terrible Old Man  (14th story from Ghost Short Stories 005)
  13. Sweet Ermengarde  (14th story in Short Story Collection # 41)
  14. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath - Fantasy, horror, and dream meet in this classic 1926 novella by H.P. Lovecraft. Randolph Carter defies the Dream Gods, as he sets out to find their hidden home on unknown Kadath, and the vision of a lovely sunset city that somehow his heart remembers. But the Other Gods have agents in the dream world -- creatures of power and terror....
  15. Within the Walls of Eryx - When Kenton Stanfield takes a job on Venus hunting for power crystals, he finds the hazards of the job too much to handle." 
  16. The Shunned House  (11th story from short ghost story collection 09)
  17. Memory - (8th story in Short Ghost and Horror Collection # 12)
  18. The Statement of Randolph Cart - (11th story in Short Ghost and Horror Collection # 12)
  19. Beyond The Wall of Sleep - (12th story in Short Ghost and Horror Collection # 13)
  20. Ex Oblivione - (14th story in Short Ghost and Horror Collection # 13)
  21. The Nameless City - (19th story in Short Ghost and Horror Collection # 13)
  22. Pickman's Model by H. P. Lovecraft (4th story in Ghost and Horror Stories Volume 18)
  23. Hypnos by H.P. Lovecraft (17th story in Ghost and Horror Stories Volume 18)
  24. The Picture in the House by H.P. Lovecraft (4th story in Ghost Story Collection # 20)
  25. Seven H P Lovecraft Stories - These are seven stories by Lovecraft that literally span his career; some being written when he was barely a teenager and one (The Shunned House) only published after he had died. Most were published in Weird Tales before 1922. Each story is unique and strange in it's own way but all of them come from the same mind that gave us the Cult of Cthulhu and other wonderful tales that generations now have enjoyed for their strangeness that resonates with our own inner fears. 
  26. Herbert West - Re-Animator - Herbert West—Reanimator" is a story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft that was first serialized in February through July 1922 in the amateur publication Home Brew. The story was the basis of the 1985 horror film Re-Animator and its sequels, in addition to numerous other adaptations in various media. You want zombies? listen to this because Lovecraft was one of the very first and he got zombies right: scary, evil, implacable and out to get you.
  27. Little Journeys to the Homes of Prominent Amateurs - H.P. Lovecraft (13th story from Nonfiction Vol 30)
  28. The Outsider -  (19th story in Short Ghost and Horror Collection # 26)
  29. The Dunwich Horror - In a rundown farmhouse near isolated, rural Dunwich, a bizarre family conjures and nurtures an evil entity from another realm, with the purpose of destroying the world and delivering it to ancient gods to rule, and only an aged university librarian can stop them. The Dunwich Horror was first published in 1929 in Weird Tales.