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Edgar Rice Burroughs ( 18751950) was an American author, best known for his creation of the jungle hero Tarzan, although he produced works in many genres such as Science Fiction, Westerns, etc.

Tarzan was a cultural sensation when introduced. Burroughs was determined to capitalize on Tarzan's popularity in every way possible. He planned to exploit Tarzan through several different media including a syndicated Tarzan comic strip, movies and merchandise. Experts in the field advised against this course of action, stating that the different media would just end up competing against each other. Burroughs went ahead, however, and proved the experts wrong—the public wanted Tarzan in whatever fashion he was offered. Tarzan remains one of the most successful fictional characters to this day and is a cultural icon.


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  1. Tarzan of the Apes  (1st Tarzan novel)  Tarzan of the Apes is Burroughs’ exciting, if improbable, story of an English lord, left by the death of his stranded parents in the hands of a motherly African ape who raises him as her own. Although he is aware that he is different from the apes of his tribe, who are neither white nor hairless, he nevertheless regards them as his “people.” When older, larger, stronger apes decide that he an undesirable to be killed or expelled from the tribe, it is fortunate that Tarzan has learned the use of primitive weapons.
  2. The Return of Tarzan  (2nd Tarzan novelThe novel picks up where Tarzan of the Apes left off. The ape man, feeling rootless in the wake of his noble sacrifice of his prospects of wedding Jane Porter, leaves America for Europe to visit his friend Paul d’Arnot.
  3. The Beasts of Tarzan  (3rd Tarzan novelIn the previous novel Tarzan reclaimed his name and title as John Clayton, Lord Greystoke. In this novel he finds that proper society is just as vicious as the jungle when greedy men threaten him and his new family. Jane and her infant son Jack are kidnapped by Tarzan’s enemies, Nikolas Rokoff and Alexis Paulvitch, who then trap Tarzan himself and attempt to exile him forever on a primitive island, bereft of all those dear to him. 
  4. Son of Tarzan  (4th Tarzan novel)  Alexis Paulvitch, a henchman of Tarzan’s now-deceased enemy, Nikolas Rokoff, survived his encounter with Tarzan in the third novel and wants to even the score.
  5. Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar  (5th Tarzan novel)  Tarzan finds himself bereft of his fortune and resolves to return to the jewel-room of Opar, leaving Jane to face unexpected danger at home.
  6. Jungle Tales of Tarzan (6th Tarzan novel -  Consists of 12 short Tarzan Short StoriesJungle Tales of Tarzan is a collection of twelve loosely-connected short stories written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, comprising the sixth book in order of publication in his series about the title character Tarzan. Chronologically, the events recounted in it actually occur between chapters 12 and 13 of the first Tarzan novel, Tarzan of the Apes.
  7. Tarzan the Untamed (7th Tarzan Novel) - Tarzan has given up his jungle ways and is living contentedly on a farm with his beloved wife as a wealthy member of British nobility. But when he returns one day from a trip to Nairobi, he finds his farm has been laid waste and no one left alive on it. In grief and rage, he casts off the veneer of civilization to become once again the primitive ape-man, ranging the country in search of those who killed his mate to mete out to them the vengeance of the jungle. Through dozens of suspense-filled adventures and hair-breadth escapes from danger, he tracks down his enemies and triumphs over them in a crashing, action-packed climax.
  8. Tarzan the Terrible (8th Tarzan Novel) - In the previous novel (Tarzan the Untamed), during the early days of World War I, Tarzan discovered that his wife Jane was not killed in a fire set by German troops, but was in fact alive. In this novel two months have gone by and Tarzan is continuing to search for Jane. He has tracked her to a hidden valley called Pal-ul-don, which means "Land of Men." In Pal-ul-don Tarzan finds a real Jurassic Park filled with dinosaurs, notably the savage Triceratops-like Gryfs, which unlike their prehistoric counterparts are carnivorous.


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