Edgar Rice Burroughs - The NON-Tarzan Novels


Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875- 1950) was born in Chicago, Illinois, into a prosperous family.  

Before Tarzan, Burroughs led a life full of failures. The turning point came when he started to write for pulps at the age of 35 - firmly convinced that he could write as rotten stuff as was published in pulp fiction magazines.

 His first professional sale was 'Under the Moons of Mars', serialized in 1912. It introduced the popular invincible hero John Carter of Mars.  John is transported to Mars apparently by astral projection, following a battle with Apaches in Arizona. Carter's adventures were published in book form under the title A PRINCESS OF MARS in 1917. The 'Martian' series eventually reached eleven books.

 Other popular series from Burroughs's pen were:

  •  The Carson of Venus books, blending romance and comedy
  • The Pellucidar tales, located inside the Earth (see audio below)
  • The Land That Time Forgot  trilogy  (See Audio below)

 From LibriVox: 

  1. A Princess of Mars   [1st novel of John Carter of Mars]
  2. The Gods of Mars   [2nd novel of John Carter of Mars]
  3. The Warlord of Mars   [3rd novel of John Carter of Mars]
  4. Thuvia, Maid of Mars   [4th novel of John Carter of Mars.  Mostly about Carthoris - Son of John Carter]
  5. The Chessmen of Mars  [5th novel of John Carter of Mars]


A Princess of Mars -  - Version 2 (Solo)

The Gods of Mars (version 2)

Warlord of Mars (Version 2)

The Gods of Mars (Version 3) 


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1.  At The Earth's Core, (1st novel about Pellucidar) was first published in 1914. It begins a seven novel saga that spanned Edgar Rice Burroughs' writing career.  David Innes and his companion Abner Perry first enter Pellucidar (fictional Hollow Earth) via an ingenious and powerful mechanical mole of Perry's invention. After boring 500 miles through the earth's crust, the pair of explorers encounter a world quite unexpected. 

2. Pellucidar is the 2nd novel.  David Innes and Abner Perry return to the Inner World,

seeking friends and bringing such implements as might aid them to establish the empire of their dreams.

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1.  The Land That Time Forgot    The first of ERB's “Caspak” trilogy.

2.  The People that Time Forgot    (2nd of the Caspak trilogy)

3aOut of Time’s Abyss   (3rd of the Caspak trilogy)

3b.  Out of Time's Abyss - Version 2



The Lost Continent or (Beyond Thirty)

The novel is set in the year 2137, where Europe has descended into barbarism.  An isolationist Western Hemisphere remains sheltered from the destruction. The title Beyond Thirty refers to the degree of longitude that inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere are forbidden to pass.


The Outlaw of Torn - The story is set in 13th century England and concerns the fictitious outlaw Norman of Torn, who purportedly harried the country during the power struggle between King Henry III and Simon de Montfort. Norman is the supposed son of the Frenchman de Vac, once the king's fencing master, who has a grudge against his former employer and raises the boy to be a simple, brutal killing machine with a hatred of all things English. His intentions are partially subverted by a priest who befriends Norman and teaches him his letters and chivalry towards women.


The Oakdale Affair - Edgar Rice Burroughs selfless, poetry-spouting, hobo character, Bridge, makes another appearance in the novellete, The Oakdale Affair (original title, Bridge and the Oskalooska Kid.) Joining the poetic hobo in this gothic-like tale are many other unusual elements: dark mysterious nights, a deserted haunted farmhouse, a violent thunderstorm, the Oskalooska Kid, a nameless girl, thieves and murderers, Beppo the bear, and other surprises.  

The Oakdale Affair is a deep mystery and would puzzle even Sherlock Holmes.

The Mad King - This story is similar to The Prisoner of Zenda! It includes—the young king, the usurping uncle and his evil henchman, the beautiful princess, the loyal retainer and the unwilling imposter. This tale of confused identities and look-a-like characters was initially published in All-Story Weekly as "The Mad King" in March of 1914. The sequel was "Barney Custer of Beatrice" which appeared in Blue Book Magazine in August the following year. The two parts of this story was collected and published as a first edition by A. C. McClurg in 1926 with an immediate Gossett & Dunlap reprint. 
The Efficiency Expert - Jimmy Torrance, Jr., has a hard time finding suitable employment after a brilliant (athletically, at least) college career, despite all kinds of assistance from his friends in the underworld and the wealthy and sophisticated young woman with whom he falls in love. Set in contemporary America, mostly Chicago, this 1921 short novel is one of a handful of Burrough’s works that does not take us to a fantasy or an exotic setting.

The Monster Men - Dr. Arthur Maxon has a dream: to create an artificial human being! His first twelve experiments have resulted only in grotesque, subhuman monsters. But Number Thirteen is perfect, and will make an ideal mate for Virginia, Dr. Maxon’s only daughter. But his monstrous plan goes awry when it is disrupted by pirates and Maxon’s duplicitous assistant, Carl von Horn. –


The Mucker - Grown and raised on the streets of Chicago; a ruthless, brawling beast of a man who detests all that “class” and “highbrow society” has to offer. Shanghaied and put into service upon a pirate’s vessel to kidnap an affluent business man’s daughter on the high seas. Shipwrecked with mutineering shipmates, Billy Byrne now fights to rescue the young woman from not only these pirates, but ancient samurai headhunters that inhabit this lonely island…and to find the man that truly lies inside the beast.


The Return of the Mucker - After being framed for a murder he didn’t commit, law enforcement arrests Billy Byrne…The Mucker… as he returns to the streets of Grand Avenue. Sentenced for the crime, he escapes custody en route to jail, and begins wandering America's roads as a homeless and penniless hobo. Joined by Bridge, a wandering poet and fellow soul on the road they escape a chasing detective and cross the border into Mexico to live in freedom, where the country is torn between two warring factions. Now the Mucker must join one side in a fight against the other, facing treachery within the ranks, robbing banks and facing savage local indians just to survive this outlaw country.