Clarence Mumford - Hopalong Cassidy

                   Clarence Mumford                                     Bill Boyd

Hopalong Cassidy was not that B-Western character (Bill Boyd pictured above), but the intense hero of the original best-selling novel by Clarence Mulford.   The character of Hopalong Cassidy was created in 1907 by Clarence E. Mulford [1883-1956] as a foul-mouthed cow-hand with a limp – thus the name 'Hop-A-Long'. Mulford wrote 28 Hopalong Cassidy novels, thru 1941. (Several of the earliest books written by Louis L'Amour were four 'for hire' Hoppy novels in 1951-52, which were not published under L'Amour's name until 1991.)


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